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Zombie Squad is a 501(c)(3) non-profit community service and disaster preparedness organization that uses the metaphor of a "Zombie Apocalypse" for any natural or man-made disaster (hurricane, terrorism, earthquake, etc.). Zombie Squad was created by horror film fans who combined their shared interests of zombies and experience with disaster preparedness. It describes itself as an "elite zombie suppression task force ready to defend your neighborhood from the shambling hordes of the walking dead." [1] and [2]


Licensed under GNU Free Documentation License 1.2

Much of the initial TSP Wiki content originated at the Zombie Squad Wiki, but has grown well beyond that.

The Zombie Squad Wiki content is [under GNU Free Documentation License 1.2] so materials from there are under the irrevocable GNU license and thus the licensor (in this case The Survival Podcast and its property, the TSP Wiki) cannot revoke these freedoms as long as one follows the GNU license terms. Any changes or improvement to those Zombie Squad articles ported over to TSP Wiki would be copyrighted by The Survival Podcast.


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