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Vacuum packing or vacuum storage is a relatively new way of storing food and other supplies that has many unique advantages and disadvantages. Vacuum packing is accomplished by using a mechanical vacuum to remove all of the air from a given container or package there-by preserving it for a later time.

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Why Vacuum Storage

The biggest reason to use vacuum packing as opposed to other techniques is speed and convenience. Vacuum packing food can be done far more quickly than many other types of storage as well as taking up the least amount of space when finished. It is important to understand, however, that vacuum packing cannot replace canning for room temperature storage for perishable items such as meat and fruit and vegetables due to the lack of a heating process. Vacuum packing is best for bulk, dry food storage.

Supplies & Equipment

Vacuum Storage Tips

Complications and Concerns

When using vacuum storage it is important to remember that it only protects food from the harmful effects of oxygen and other atmospheric gases and contaminants, all other decay will continue without other preservation methods.

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