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"Educate and inform the whole mass of the people... They are the only sure reliance for the preservation of our liberty." -- Thomas Jefferson

Teacup is a slang term for someone who is fragile or lacks resiliency. It generally is only a reference towards actions and attitude, and not physiology. Further the term China(a reference to Fine China dinnerware) is used to refer to those raised by teacups, and denotes a greater fragility and lack of resilience beyond teacup.



Over the last 30 years the liberal lobbyists such as the labor unions and especially the teachers' unions use tax payer citizen money to promote socialist Common Core and other public education indoctrination and public school values including gun control to help create a entitlement mentality tea cup generation. According to critics, teachers' unions such as the National Education Association (largest union is the USA) and the American Federation of Teachers are not so much professional organizations as they are liberal Nanny state lobbying groups, and they are most likely responsible for the removal of Conservatives values, God, and Christian values from public school classrooms. These unions require mandatory paycheck deductions of $1000 per year or more that always get donated to liberal Democrat political campaigns.


  1. Recognize your personal responsibilities, and that no one is going to care about you or your family more than you do.
  2. Build up resiliency and independence in your life, to maintain or better the life you have, in good times and bad.
  3. Convince others to be more resilient and build community, its much harder to be pushed over when your standing together.

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