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The saw is a hand tool, usually used to cut things, most often wood, but also other materials, including metals.

A hand saw consists of a handle (often wooden), attached to a metal sheet shaped specially for the task. The sheet is angled, and features the key component of the saw: serrated teeth. It is the teeth which do the cutting.

A saw is very useful for a variety of life sustaining needs. They can help gather wood, build shelters, and cut many other materials. They are available in a range of sizes and styles and can make life much easier.


Types of Saws

Chain Saws

Gas or electric powered, these saws cut the most amount of wood in the shortest time.


Bow Saws

Bow saws are efficient, hand-powered saws that are simple and reliable.


Folding Saws

Folding saws are sturdy, fast, and very common. They are fairly lightweight, but do take up more space than other types of saws.

Folding Saw.jpg

Pocket Chainsaws

These generally resemble the blade of a chainsaw and are used by pulling the handle back and forth. They are quick and easy to use while also being lighter and more compact than folding saws. They are simple to use, but require some practice as the motion required is not commonly used for other tasks.

Pocket Chain Saw.jpg

Wire Saws

Wire saws are similar to pocket chainsaws, but are even smaller and lighter. They are the most fragile type of saw and can only be used for cutting smaller pieces of wood.

Wire Saw.jpg

Multitool Saws

Many multitools include a saw blade, these are essentially more compact versions of the popular folding saw.

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