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The following blogs, forums, Wikis, podcasts and social media links may be useful for anyone seeking additional resources.


Alternative Energy Links

These sites deal primarily with off-grid and alternative power.

  • - an alternative power site with emphasis on homebrew and DIY systems.

Homesteading & Self-Sufficiency Links

These sites pertain to homesteading and self-sufficient living.

  • HomeSteading Today - an extensive and mature forum on many subjects of homesteading and self-sufficient living.
  • Mother Earth News - based on the Mother Earth News magazine, this site contains information relevant to many survival and homesteading topics that stretch back as far as the 1970s.

Survival & General Preparedness Links

These sites deal primarily with general preparedness and/or survival in either an urban, wilderness, or post apocalyptic setting.

  • Alpha Rubicon - "Alpha" is a collection of publicly available articles on preparedness related topics. The "Rubicon" is a private, members only section that is believed to have at least a forum.
  • End Times Report - a collection of various survival and self-sufficiency articles.
  • - a site that is primarily concerned with gear and wilderness survival, it has both a forum and many articles about gear.
  • - a well established forum and a selection or articles and books that can be downloaded.
  • Hoods Woods - a great source for survival articles, books, and forums, with survival information on urban, wilderness, and post apocalyptic survival.
  • - A government site dedicated to disaster preparedness
  • Tactical Underground - Raptorman's site, including information about his book "Day by Day Survival", a forum, and articles about gear.
  • The Martialist - Phil Elmore's site, it consists of articles on the subject of self defense and some survival as well as the forum Pax Baculum.
  • - A massive free survival wiki covering prepping, survival gear, survival guide, bushcraft and outdoor skills.
  • When SHTF - a well established forum addressing a wide range or survivalist topics.
  • - this site is dedicated to wilderness survival techniques and consists primarily of articles and a forum.

Survival Oriented Podcasts

  • The Survival Podcast - A podcast about many different survival topics, good production quality, hosted by Jack Spirko, posted most week days.


These links are not necessarily recommended by The Survival Podcast or Jack Spirko.


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