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The phonetic alphabet is a tool to help identify letters in verbal communication.


Phonetic Alphabet

A list of the military phonetic alphabet can be found below with the pronunciation following behind it in parenthesis:

A = Alpha (al fah)

B = Bravo (brah voh)

C = Charlie (char lee)

D = Delta (dell tah)

E = Echo (eck oh)

F = Foxtrot (foks trot)

G = Golf (golf)

H = Hotel (hoh tell)

I = India (in dee ah)

J = Juliette (jew lee ett)

K = Kilo (key loh)

L = Lima (lee mah)

M = Mike (mike)

N = November (no vem ber)

O = Oscar (ass cah)

P = Papa (pah pah)

Q = Quebec (keh beck )

R = Romeo (row me oh )

S = Sierra (see air rah)

T = Tango (tang go)

U = Uniform (you nee form)

V = Victor (vic tah)

W = Whiskey (wiss key)

X = X-Ray (ecks ray)

Y = Yankee (yang key)

Z = Zulu (zoo loo)


1 = wun

2 = too

3 = tree

4 = fow er

5 = fife

6 = six

7 = sev en

8 = ait

9 = nin er

0 = ze ro

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