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Who Are We?

We are a small, family owned business that has been operating in Clyde NC since 1990, serving all of Western North Carolina from Asheville to Murphy. We strive to deal as much as possible in real, genuine military issue (Milspec) gear and quality equipment for outdoor activities, emergency preparedness, and any other use. Where we cannot get the real items surplus military, we always strive to get you the best product available.

The Old Grouch's is a real military surplus store in the tradition of the old 1950's style with real military surplus, not an “Army-Navy” store full of jeans and imported junk and Airsoft toys.

Our philosophy is that is we cannot get a quality product, we would rather just not sell it than sell you something that will fall apart or not get the job done. If we can't get it, we will do our best to tell you where you can find it.

We avoid imports wherever possible in our product line and try to focus on Made in America products. When not possible, we make every attempt to buy from nations friendly to the United States. We avoid buying the products or services of companies or organizations that support anti-gun or anti-freedom politicians, causes and services because we believe in voting with our dollars.

Our retail store is located on Main Street in Clyde, NC and is open every day but Sunday from 10:00-5:30. Drop by and say hello!

1-888-627-0361 toll free in the US or 828-627-0361 everywhere else. Or email us at [email protected]

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