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Oklahoma is located in the Southern region of the United States and on November 16th, 1907 became the forty-sixth state to enter into the union. The capital of Oklahoma is Oklahoma City, which is also its largest city. According to the 2000 Census, the state's population was 3,450,654 people.[1]

The most famous personality was Will Rogers, a cowboy celebrity and humorist of the 1920s.


Survival Retreat location Analysis of Oklahoma by James Wesley Rawles



JWR’s combined Retreat Potential Ranking: 17 of 19.


Oklahoma Primary: Altus AFB, Clinton-Sherman AFB (Custer), Tinker AFB (Oklahoma City), Vance AFB (Enid). Secondary: Fort Sill (Lawton). Tertiary: El Reno, Tulsa, 10 miles southeast of McAlester, Oklahoma City.


The early years of statehood were marked with political activity. In 1910, the Democrats moved the capital to Oklahoma City, three years before the Oklahoma Organic Act allowed, in order to move away from the Republican hotbed of Guthrie. Socialism became a growing force among struggling farmers, and Oklahoma grew to have the largest Socialist vote in the United States at the time, with the Socialist vote doubling in every election until the outbreak of World War I in 1914.[3]. However, the war drove food prices up, allowing the farmers to prosper, and the movement faded away. By the 1920's, the Republican Party, taking advantage of rifts within the Democratic Party, gained control in the state. The economy continued to improve,in the areas of cattle ranching, cotton, wheat, and especially, oil. Since 1968 Oklahoma has voted for the Republican Party in Presidential elections.


Throughout the 1920s, new oil fields were continually discovered and Oklahoma produced over 1.8 billion barrels of petroleum, valued at over 3.5 million dollars for the decade.[4] In 1920 the spectacular Osage County oil field was opened, followed in 1926 by the Greater Seminole Oil Field. When the Great Depression Oklahoma and Texas oil was flooding the market and prices fell to pennies a gallon. In 1931 Governor William H. Murray, acting with characteristic decisiveness, used the National Guard to shut down all of Oklahoma's oil wells in an effort to stabilize prices. National policy became using the Texas Railroad Commission to set allotments in Texas, which raised prices as well for Oklahoma crude.


The combination of the Great Depression and the Dust Bowl put an end to economic prosperity in the 1930s. Farmers were hit the hardest and many relocated to the cities. Others, called "Okies", began a mass migration of to California in search of a better life, an image that would be popularized in American culture by John Steinbeck's novel, The Grapes of Wrath and Henry Fonda's movie. The economy recovered during World War II, when conservative Governor Robert S. Kerr utilized friendships in Washington to secure federal money to help the state recover. Oklahoma built and expanded numerous army and navy installations and air bases, which in turn brought thousands of jobs to out of work citizens. By the 1950s Oklahoma was prosperous and growing.

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