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The Obama administration monetary policy is currently a reckless monetary policy of monetizing debt at an unprecedented rate which will very likely lead to inflation, hyperinflation, stagflation, or hyper-stagflation. In February of 2010, concerning the Obama administration's monetary policy, the world renowned investor Jim Rogers said that the European Union, Chinese, and Australian central bankers are more competent and honest than the Federal Reserve and that Federal Reserve Chairman Ben Bernanke is "throwing gasoline on a fire" via his inflationary policies which are debasing the United States dollar.[1]


Renowned investor and billionaire Jim Rogers' additional commentary on Ben Bernanke

Wall Street Pit wrote concerning renowned investor and billionaire Jim Rogers:

Billionaire investor Jim Rogers, chairman of Rogers Holdings, says he doesn’t understand how monetizing even more debt can solve a problem caused by too much debt. According to Rogers, Fed Chairman Ben Bernanke has failed in spuring economic growth as a result of the massive increase in the money supply brought about by the Federal Reserve’s loose monetary policy. Rogers suggests the U.S. must stop printing money and take on austerity measures like the Europeans did to let the economy recover.[2]

An excellent video of Jim Rogers talking about the gross economic incompetence of Ben Bernanke can be found HERE.

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