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New Jersey is one of the thirteen original colonies that formed the United States. It was the third state to enter into the Union. Its population has the highest overall density of any State, featuring 566 municipalities.[1]

New Jersey is nicknamed "the Garden State," although a patch oil refineries along the New Jersey Turnpike is what many travelers remember most. New Jersey has 127 miles of coastline, including resort areas such as Atlantic City, Asbury Park, and Cape May, some with beautiful and historic Victorian architecture. Its capital city is Trenton.

Politically, New Jersey once benefited from conservative leadership, but RINOs and liberals took over beginning in the 1960s and have driven it into decline since. High union membership, a very liberal primary newspaper (the Newark Star-Ledger), and a small conservative population result in a lack of conservative politicians. However, New Jersey remains one of the small number of states having completely unregulated homeschooling. New Jersey also has the lowest divorce rate in the nation.

New Jersey is home to two famous old universities: Princeton and Rutgers. They are both colonial colleges, the nine colleges chartered in the colonies before the American Revolution. Princeton traditionally claims 1740 as its year of founding, making it the fourth oldest university in the United States; Rutgers, founded in 1766, is the eighth oldest. Princeton is a member of the Ivy League. There are numerous other colleges and universities in the state.

In contrast with other northeastern states, New Jersey has repeatedly rejected attempts by the homosexual agenda to impose same-sex marriage.[2]

The current Governor of New Jersey is Chris Christie, a RINO Republican elected in 2009.



The colony was rural and was dominated by New York City to the east and Philadelphia to the west.


New Jersey is a mostly liberal state. It has consistently favored Democrats in presidential elections since 1992. It was last won by a Republican presidential candidate in 1988 when it favored George Herbert Walker Bush. It currently has a Republican governor, though, in Chris Christie; the last Republican governor before him was Christine Whitman.

Anti-Gun Elected Officials

gun grabbing politicians:

New Jersey is on the Naughty State List

The naughty list of Nanny States was established by polling TSP listeners [3]

Below is the list of gun grabbing Constitution violating, Oath-breaker liberal Democrat elitist[4] [5] states[6]:

California, Colorado, Connecticut, Delaware, Hawaii, Illinois, Maryland, Maine, Massachusetts, New Jersey, New York, Oregon, Rhode Island, Vermont, Washington, Washington DC.

"The East Coast and West Coasts had the most liberal states including Vermont, Massachusetts, Delaware, New York, Hawaii, Oregon, Washington, Maine, California and New Jersey." [7]

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