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Michelle Malkin (born 1970) is an American, Roman Catholic, conservative pundit, blogger and television journalist. Malkin serves as a contributor to the Fox News Channel.



Malkin's website has an entire section on articles against illegal immigrant amnesty.[1] Malkin has stated that she wants the U.S. to clear the legal immigrant backlogs, first, instead of trying to legalize illegals.[2] After the United States built a Mexican border fence on the wrong side, Michelle wrote that she wonders if America can, "do anything right on border security." Her appeal is "Border security now. Not later."[3]

Malkin highlighted a group of ex-Muslims hoping to change the terms of debate about Islam in Europe.[4]

Malkin argues that Jesse Jackson should be trying to stop black gangs instead of protesting gun shops.[5]


Following is a list of links to regularly covered topics on Malkin's personal web site:

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