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Knitting is a way of turning spun yarn into useable objects including clothing, blankets, and toys.


Knitting Styles

While there are others, the main two styles of knitting are english and continental. They produce the same result, but the yarn is held differently depending on the knitter's preference.

English Style Knitting

English knitting is done by letting the working yarn (the yarn leading to the yarn ball) hang down. When it's time to wrap the yarn around the needle, that yarn is picked up, wrapped, and dropped once more. Because of this constant process of picking up and dropping the working yarn, this style is considered easier but slower. It is ideal for beginners, especially ones that are right-handed.

Continental Style Knitting

Continental knitting is done by wrapping the working yarn around the left index finger (and possibly other fingers) and is not dropped. This makes continental knitting faster than english, but more difficult to coordinate, especially for beginners. It is suggested for more advanced knitters and people that are left-handed.

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