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The Survival Podcast's Internet forum is at [[1]].

A forum is a place for discussion, such as a chat room or any other type of platform that can be used for conversation.

Forums evolved from the old Bulletin Board System used in the 1980's with modems and telephone land lines.


The Survival Podcast Forum - Info Center

Forum Stats as of April 30, 2014: 552509 Posts in 43820 Topics by 15062 Members. Most Online Ever: 245 (February 22, 2011, 04:20:58 PM)

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TSP Forum Topics

The Survival Podcast Forum - Info Center

Site Suggestions, Support and Resources


This is where forum announcements will be made regarding modifications to the forum, new themes, etc. 518 Posts, 28 Topics as of April 30, 2014 Last post by vitaminka

The Front Porch

This is where you stop by and introduce yourself to the members here. 7229 Posts, 18 Topics, Child Boards: Terms Of Use And Policies,

Media, Links, & Resources

9848 Posts, 804 Topics Child Boards: Videos, Movies, TV, and Music, Fiction and Non-Fiction Books/Magazines, The Repository

Show Discussions, Fan Mail and Topic Suggestions

Communicate with the host of The Survival Podcast, suggest show topics and send good Karma to site staff and moderators here. 13735 Posts, 1513 Topics Child Boards: Podcast Transcripts, Transcribers' Conference Room

Tech Support and Forum Bugs

Having trouble or found a problem on the forum, let us know about it here. 3381 Posts, 359 Topics,

Industry Reviews

Tell your good, appreciative, bad or ugly stories of dealers and manufacturers. Let others know who is good to go or to avoid. 1355 Posts, 159 Topics

Survivalism & Self Sufficiency Topics

Emergency Preparations

If you are getting ready for anything from a storm to an all out SHTF scenario, this is the place to discuss it. All topics other than food preparations go here. 58503 Posts, 2569 Topics

Food Preps

Anything having to do with food storage, preparation for storage, packaging, use & legislation should be discussed here. 30652 Posts 2900 Topics Last post by riverbend_rich in Re: cast iron cooking? on Yesterday at 11:36:44 PM Child Boards: Food Storage Resources, Food Storage, Processing Food For Storage, The Homebrewer's Board, The Recipe Board, Food Legislation & News

	Medical Needs and First Aid

Medical prepping: mainstream medicine, alternative therapies, and emergency care from basic first aid and CPR to field surgery. 6249 Posts 477 Topics Last post by countrydoc in Re: Coumadin replacement... on April 28, 2014, 11:30:56 PM

	Outdoors Activities

From Hunting, to Fishing, to Camping. Anything that can be done as a companion to survival. You can discuss gear, skills, places, share pictures, stories, etc. 8369 Posts 707 Topics Last post by Ken325 in Re: So I want to be a tr... on Today at 04:29:58 AM Child Boards: Primitive Skills & Earth Skills, Camping, Fishing, Hunting

	Homesteading and Self Reliant Living

Carving a living off the land, building and maintaining a self sufficient homestead. You name it if it involves carving out your place in the world this is the board to discuss it. 24534 Posts 1917 Topics Last post by Cedar in Re: Anyone know how to p... on Today at 12:51:03 AM Child Boards: Do It Yourself - Projects, Ideas and How To, Home And Business Security

	Lady Survivors

This board is dedicated to survival topics from a female perspective. Men are welcome but the women rule the roost here. 6152 Posts 211 Topics Last post by mountainmoma in Re: After years of prepp... on April 28, 2014, 10:04:53 PM


This section is dedicated to the discussion of means of communication during an emergency scenario. For example, CBs, Shortwave radios, scanners, etc. HAM Radios have their own dedicated board below. 2860 Posts 313 Topics Last post by Smurf Hunter in Re: Alternate Communicat... on Yesterday at 01:55:06 PM

	The HAM Radio Board

This board is dedicated to HAM radios, information on obtaining a HAM license, the dos and don'ts of operation, repeaters,Echolink,and so forth. 3832 Posts 315 Topics Last post by AngusBangus in Re: How Many Hams Do We ... on Yesterday at 09:52:45 PM Child Boards: Amateur Radio How-To's, Amateur Radio Gear Reviews


This forum is for the discussion of everything transportation related including your daily drivers, BOVs, ATVs, boats, bikes or anything else that can take you from point A to point B. 8996 Posts 490 Topics Last post by thewarriorhunter in Re: 1986 Honda VFR 700 R... on Yesterday at 10:30:00 PM Child Boards: BOV Emergency Kits

	The Gear and Tool Review Board

This is the place to post reviews or questions about specific models of anything related to the discussions on this forum. From tactical to practical post your gear reviews here. 5264 Posts 542 Topics Last post by bcksknr in Re: Budget Prep "Night G... on Today at 05:36:12 AM The Survival Podcast Network

The 13 in 13 Challenge is a call to develop or drastically improve your personal skills in the coming year. Join us at as we help to restore a can do spirit to our modern world by committing to learning 13 new life skills in 2013. 1171 Posts 143 Topics Last post by AZDuffman in Share how knowing skills... on April 01, 2014, 06:27:29 PM

	TSP Disaster Response Team

Want to be part of an organized and trained group, prepared to help others in an emergency? Check out The Survival Podcast Disaster Response Team (TSP-DRT). 227 Posts 11 Topics Last post by haseloff in Re: MOTIVATION for the D... on February 08, 2014, 12:44:01 PM Farm, Garden and The Land

	Gardening and Agriculture

If you sow it, grow it and eat it then talk about it here. From beans to tomatoes and everything in between. 31474 Posts 3000 Topics Last post by Morgan96 in Re: Endurance Garden 201... on Today at 05:51:08 AM Child Boards: Show Us Your Garden

	Permaculture, Land Management and Foraging

This is the board to discuss managing your land for wildlife, planting permanent crops like trees, shrubs and vines and harvesting wild crops. 7434 Posts 879 Topics Last post by TheRambler in Re: Apple allergies- tre... on Today at 01:20:01 AM

	Live Stock, Critters and Aquaculture

Talk about anything with fur, fins, feathers or scales here. Whether it be for meat, milk, eggs, wool or even cool pets you can discuss everything from chickens and cows to fish and lizards here. 11060 Posts 899 Topics Last post by fritz_monroe in Re: Installed Bees today on Yesterday at 08:12:40 PM Energy Options

	Solar Power

Talk about harnessing the power of the sun. Discuss any subject about solar energy from solar hot water to solar cooking to high end photovoltaic system. 3489 Posts 362 Topics Last post by kckndrgn in Re: Running a pop up cam... on Yesterday at 08:22:33 AM

	Wind Power

Discuss wind powered systems from conventional electric generation systems to other creative wind powered machines. 358 Posts 42 Topics Last post by Eye_Mac in Wind Turbine grid-tied. ... on April 25, 2014, 06:50:16 AM

	Other Energy Sources

If it ain't solar or wind discuss it here. From conventional power to back up generators this is the forum for pure electrical power. 4363 Posts 476 Topics Last post by Saint in Re: UST 2300W Generator? on April 28, 2014, 12:20:42 PM Armory, Self Defense, And EDC

	Firearms (Including Long Guns, Pistols)

This is the board for general firearms discussions. Please evaluate new topics and consider posting them to a child board if one of them is a better fit for your topic. 48866 Posts 3547 Topics Last post by Russkie in Re: So I just got an M18... on Yesterday at 10:06:17 PM Child Boards: Modern Rifles, Shotguns and Carbines, The .22 Caliber Rifle: An Essential Homestead Firearm , Pistols and Handguns , General Firearm Discussion, Firearms Advice For Beginners, General Ammo, Reloading, Bullet Casting, & Ammo Craft, Firearms Legislation And News, Firearms Training, Firearm Self Defense

	Black Powder and Primitive Weapons

Muzzle loaders from modern inline rigs to flint locks and pure black powder. Also discuss other primitive weapons like atalatls, slings, bolas, sling shots and any other hunting tool or weapon that is made by nature and human hands. 840 Posts 85 Topics Last post by Knecht in Re: Muzzleloading shotgu... on April 09, 2014, 07:41:02 PM

	Edged Weapons and Tools

Knives, swords even the occasional spear. If it has a cutting edge talk about it here. 3223 Posts 292 Topics Last post by TexDaddy in MOVED: New Axe Technolog... on April 24, 2014, 06:13:18 PM

	Martial Arts, Unarmed Self Defense, Hand To Hand Combat, and Physical Fitness

This is the board to discuss different Martial Arts and other unarmed Self Defense techniques along with all aspects of Physical Fitness and body conditioning. 2904 Posts 144 Topics Last post by joeandmich in Re: What do you look int... on April 23, 2014, 07:24:52 AM

	Every Day Carry (EDC) Gear

If it rides with you in your pockets, on your belt or in your bag or if you never leave home without it, you can discuss it here. 2879 Posts 168 Topics Last post by witch in Re: Work Messenger Bag C... on April 26, 2014, 04:06:48 AM

	Bows and Arrows

From modern compounds and cross bows to long bows and recurves talk about all archery subjects here. 1137 Posts 119 Topics Last post by The Morgan Hill Homesteading Project in Re: bow manufacturer in ... on April 25, 2014, 11:15:00 AM

	The Airgun Board

Talk about all types of air guns here. From break barrel rifles to pneumatic repeaters and CO2 powered pistols this is the form for all air powered weapons. 739 Posts 68 Topics Last post by Scottman in Re: Good Pcp Deal on April 13, 2014, 04:20:16 PM

	The Airsoft Forum

This forum is for the discussion of all aspects of Airsoft (also known as "soft air" to some). Airsoft is a rapidly growing sport/hobby with potential for tactical training, target training and a safe way to train new shooters. 167 Posts 29 Topics Last post by CodKid in hi new airsoft shooter h... on April 27, 2014, 11:10:55 PM The TSP Marketplace

	Members Support Brigade Forum

While this forum is open to anyone to read and post it is for discussion of videos and resources provided to members of the Members Support Brigade. Even if you are not a member of the MSB you are welcome to post and read this board but much of it may not make sense. To join the MSB and support the show at 25 cents an episode, just go to - 819 Posts 100 Topics Last post by Beancounter in JM Bullion Discount on April 23, 2014, 04:10:22 PM

	Western Botanicals - Sponsored Board

This board is for communication directly with the staff of Western Botanicals a sponsor of The Survival Podcast. Visit their main site at [This board is currently READ-ONLY since Western Botanicals does not have a representative on the forum.] 168 Posts 36 Topics Last post by Mr. Bill in Western Botanicals board... on March 15, 2013, 11:55:59 AM

	Backyard Food Production

This board is a sponsored board to communicate and interact with the staff of Backyard Food Production. You can learn more about them (This board is now read-only because Marjory Wildcraft does not currently have time to moderate it.) Moderator: forestgarden 148 Posts 19 Topics Last post by microdevil45 in Re: Seed for Morenga and... on November 27, 2012, 06:27:23 PM

This is a sponsored board to communicate with the staff of Murs Radio. You can visit their main website at - (This board is now Read-Only since is not currently a TSP sponsor.) 192 Posts 43 Topics Last post by kevo in Re: Leaving TSP as an Ad... on September 22, 2012, 03:27:23 PM

	The Berkey Guy - Berkey Light Water Filters

This board is a sponsored board to communicate with the staff of LPC Survival, LTD (AKA The Berkey Guy) Moderator: theberkeyguy 1421 Posts 238 Topics Last post by jm0 in Re: Black Filters Failin... on Yesterday at 09:50:54 PM

	Safecastle Royal and Safecastle Shelters

This board is for interacting with the staff at SafeCastle in regard to the items from Safecastle Royal and Safecastle Shelters Moderators: JC Refuge, Safecastle 914 Posts 208 Topics Last post by JC Refuge in You Need to Counteract t... on April 25, 2014, 03:57:23 PM

	Sawtooth Tactical

This board is a sponsored board to communicate and interact with the staff of Saw Tooth Tactical. You can learn more about them Moderator: sawtac 211 Posts 53 Topics Last post by Gunnywag in Re: Just stopped by SawT... on August 12, 2013, 08:39:02 PM

This board is a sponsored board to communicate with the staff of Moderator: 195 Posts 70 Topics Last post by Sunburn26 in Re: Will recent sanction... on March 20, 2014, 08:02:35 PM

	Survival Gear Bags

This board is a sponsored board to communicate with the staff of Survival Gear Bags Moderator: cartpusher 213 Posts 9 Topics Last post by Roswell in Re: NEW PRODUCTS on April 28, 2014, 08:00:05 AM Finance and Economics

	The Money Board

Talk about ways you extend the family budget, find great deal or turn "trash into treasure" here. It ain't being cheap to be frugal, be proud of the money you save and help others do the same. 20378 Posts 2361 Topics Last post by never_retreat in Re: Don't short the tax ... on Yesterday at 01:53:11 PM Child Boards: Economic News, the Global Economy and all Things Monetary, Investing and Saving LINKS

	The Survival Podcast

Jack Spirko's 5-days-a-week podcast and blog. Jack also has a large collection of free videos available on Youtube. 6972 Redirects

	TSP Members Support Brigade

Login here for MSB benefits. If you're not currently a member, join here. 4667 Redirects

	TSP Gear Shop

High-quality gear, tools, and goodies made for -- and in some cases made by -- TSP fans. 5375 Redirects

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