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Hunting is the act of searching for and taking wild animals for either food, fur, or sport.


History of Hunting

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Reasons to Hunt

  • Survival
  • Procure Food
  • Fur, clothing, hides, skins, etc.
  • Profit and sustainability
  • Control predation
  • Wildlife management
  • Preserve a tradition

Hunting Techniques

Hunting with Firearms

Hunting with Rimfire Rifles

Hunting with Centerfire Rifles

Hunting with Black Powder Firearms

Hunting with Handguns

Hunting with Bow and Arrow

Stand Hunting

This method of hunting entails remaining very still and quiet, usually in a tree stand or ground blind, lying in wait to ambush game as it wanders by on its normal routine.

Types of Stands

  • Ground Blind - This type of stand positions the hunter on or very near the ground, and involves substantial camouflage in its setup.
    • Advantages - The major advantage to the ground blind is that it can be much easier to employ in unfamiliar areas or land in which it is impossible to place tree stands. Very light and packable ground blinds can be packed in and deployed with minimal effort, or blinds can be "manufactured" on site from local deadfall and foliage.
    • Disadvantages - The major disadvantage to this type of hunting is that it generally places the hunter directly in the line of sight (and smell) of the quarry. The hunter must take extra precautions to remain undetected while remaining on the ground.
  • Tree (raised) Stand - This type of stand positions the hunter above the quarry, usually in a tree, but sometimes in manmade structures.
    • Advantages - The higher vantage point allows the hunter to have a much larger field of view. Game is spotted from a greater distance and there are usually more shooting lanes than are evident on the ground.
    • Disadvantages - Tree stands tend to be noisy and complicated to deploy, and must be built well in advance of hunting. Even climbing stands can be difficult and complicated to use, and are difficult to pack in. Additionally, tree stands are difficult to dismount in the event the hunter needs or decides to move quickly, or revert to a still hunting strategy "on the fly".

Still Hunting

This method of hunting entails moving through the hunting area, very slowly and quietly so as not to spook the quarry. This is done in an attempt to spot, and sneak toward game to get within shooting range.


This method of hunting involves multiple hunters, some of which walk through the woods making noise, while other hunter are posted down field, tasked with dispatching any game that runs past, having been spooked by the former.

Hunting with Dogs

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Hunting small game with falcons

Falconry is an ancient method of hunting small game with trained birds.

North American Game

Hunting - Squirrel

Hunting - Whitetail Deer

Hunting - Mule Deer

Hunting - Hogs

Hunting - Bear

Hunting - Antelope

Hunting - Javelina

Hunting - Elk

Hunting - Moose

Hunting - Predators

Hunting - Furbearers (racoons, etc)

Hunting - "Varmints" (prairies dogs, etc)

Exotic and African Game

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Political Issues

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