Hologram of Liberty - The Constitution's Shocking Alliance With Big Government

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Hologram of Liberty - The Constitution's Shocking Alliance With Big Government by Boston T. Party a.k.a. Kenneth W. Royce

For all those who have the out-of-print 1997 edition of Hologram of Liberty, here is a synopsis of what is new in the 2012 edition:

Introduction updated, with a farewell to political book writing

Chapters 1-4 no-very few changes

Chapter 5 commerce clause discussion removed for Chapter 11

Chapter 6 separate U.S. constitution theory removed (too arcane and speculative)

Chapter 7 no changes

Chapter 8 no changes

Chapter 9 several changes/updates as needed

Chapter 10 much added: 16th Amendment and income taxation, freedom money, reining in the public corporations

Chapter 11 full treatment of 10th Amendment vs. the commerce clause (discussed is my then forecasted SCOTUS ruling on Obamacare)lots of treatment of the states' Firearms Freedom Acts

Chapter 12 much detail on the looming Constitutional Convention, history and future

Chapter 13 quotes from many constitutions from Swiss to CSA to Newstates

Chapter 14 which authors have embraced/rejected my coup d'etat theory since 1997?

Chapter 15 And Now, Back to Reality . . . (much added to this 1997 chapter)

Appendix no changes

Index fully redone, with 1,2,3 pagination (vs. 3/7 and 10/6 workbook style)


Product Details

Paperback: 360 pages Publisher: Javelin Press; 2nd Edition - fully revised for 2012 edition (June 8, 2012) Language: English ISBN-10: 1888766131 ISBN-13: 978-1888766134 Product Dimensions: 8.4 x 5.5 x 1.1 inches

Editorial Reviews


As Royce pointed out in his brilliant but under-appreciated book, the Constitution was doomed at the beginning . . . --The Evil That Men Do: Willful Submission To Illegitimate Authority, by William Buppert

This book is a well-researched, scholarly dissection of the frauds surrounding the Constitutional Convention, the framing and the ratification of the Constitution of the United States of America. Any thinking person who reads this book should walk away angry at the hoax that has been perpetrated on the people of this country.

. . . the material here is timeless. With a complete grasp of these ideas, it is easy to see that the left-right debate is merely a pointless sham. Powerful interests derive their power from your participation in a heated struggle, and don't want you to realize that the struggle itself is based on a lie.

It is astonishing that this book, given its age, isn't the cornerstone of every libertarian or liberty event in the country. It is disturbing that so few people involved in those movements haven't read it, or in some cases, even heard about it. I hadn't, until a couple of months ago, but I was blown away when I read it. Now, many things make more sense, including the gut-level triteness of most neo-patriots, who cheer something they haven't taken the time to fully understand.

Yet, this book explains why the unalienable rights protections of the Constitution necessarily shrink over time, while the big government Police state powers expand without bound. Boston clearly explains why our current political environment is a direct consequence of the Constitution, and not in spite of it.

--Tom Baugh, author of Starving the Monkeys: Fight Back Smarter. He is also a former United States Marine, patented inventor, entrepreneur, professional irritant and a homeschooling parent.

. . . I just got out of a fetal position on the floor and can't really move much. I read this book, and it hit me like a comet. Talk about a needed wake up . . . --MichaelNotMike

About the Author

Kenneth W. Royce (founder of Free State Wyoming in the American Redoubt), is a firearms shooting instructor, speaker, and the author of 13 Boston T. Party books on guns, history, law, politics, privacy, and government. His Boston's Gun Bible is a classic within the shooting community, and his novel Molon Labe! has inspired a recent strategic relocation wave to the Free State of Wyoming.

One Nation, Under Surveillance is the final title from Boston T. Party, as he begins work on other books (under Kenneth W. Royce), projects, and travel.

Look for the next book by Royce, who breaks out in a new direction with this self-help book for the remedial man: Modules For Manhood What Every Male Under 40 Must Know.[1]

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