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Given the liability involved in using any of these techniques, medications, or devices, you should not rely on this wiki as a reliable source until such a time as it has been reviewed by medical experts. Reading information on the internet can never replace actual hands-on instruction and certification.

If you are a medical expert such as a physician, nurse, or a certified herbalist, please take some time to review this article and its related articles for accuracy. Then please list your medical certifications on the discussion page for this article.

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Health is a general term used to describe the resiliency vibrancy and vigor in physical and mental & emotional states and the lack of deficiency, disease, deterioration in these same systems.


Physical health

Staying healthy

A large part of staying out of trouble and building resiliency in physical health is diet and exercise. Proper hygiene and sanitation become very important during disaster affecting water supply.

Diet & Nutrition

Diet & Nutrition



Hygiene & Sanitation

Hygiene and sanitation

When health breaks down

Another aspect of health is getting the correct care when something goes wrong. This includes first aid for minor and major traumatic injuries and seeing a doctor if the situation calls for it.

Mental & Emotional health

Mental and emotional health is very important. Being sharp mentally helps a prepper be prepared to preform threat assessments, ask the right questions, and subsequently prepare for potential threats. When a disaster affects us and our loved ones have the right mindset and knowing that others might experience normalcy bias will help everyone survive and thrive.

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