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Falconry is about taking wild game with a trained bird of prey. It involves a substantial time commitment. Also, 90% of wild falcons never live to breeding age. By becoming a Falconer, you're actually saving lives.



  • Not Federally regulated - per Chris Starr in Episode 1285 it's regulated by each state.
  • Requires a significant time commitment.
  • Each state has its own organization, and nearly all falconers want to expand the sport and the knowledge base.

Getting Started

Per the Chris Starr interview starting at about 31:26 in TSP Episode 1285, here's how to get started:

  1. Find a falconer and go with them to the field (falconry is not for everyone)
  2. Acquire study materials and utilize appropriate resources to pass a state-administered exam (one of your resources must include finding a sponsor to take you under their wing for a 2 year apprenticeship
  3. Build your mews (falcon house)- listen starting at 38:30 in TSP Episode 1285 for details
  • Each state has it's own club, league, etc. Google for "falconry Nebraska" or whatever your state is to find someone to apprentice with. Note that there's a substantial time commitment.


It's all about apprenticeship. You find a falconer, you capture your own bird, you raise your own bird.


Most hawks hunt as individuals and are delighted every time you kick up some dust and spook small game. Harris hawks hunt cooperatively - imagine a flying pack of wolves. Group hunting is discussed starting at about 1:08 in TSP Episode 1285


Whomever you apprentice with should help you understand the tools required.


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