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An entrenching tool, often called an "E-Tool," is a specialized shovel originally designed for "digging in" or entrenching.

Folding Shovel.jpg


E-Tool Uses

E-Tools are extremely versatile and can fulfill many purposes such as:

  • Digging in or out
  • Light Wood Cutting
  • Makeshift Skillet
  • Improvised Weapon

E-Tool Features

  • Folding head and/or handle for portability
  • Edges that can be sharpened for cutting roots/branches/zombies
  • Different configurations for the shovel head
  • Some E-tools have pick blades in addition to shovel heads
  • Some e-tools will have either a saw in the handle or serration on one or more edge of the shovel.
  • Various metals used include aluminum, steel and titanium.


Many shovel either fold, tri-fold, or telescope to make them more compact packing and transport. Folding can make the shovel less sturdy, but tri-fold are the smallest once folded and the folding heads can often lock into different positions to improvise tools such as a hoe.

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