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Entertainment can play a key role in a short term disaster, in a SHTF scenario, and in our everyday lives.


Short term disaster

In a short term disaster such as a power outage lasting a few days it is important to consider how to pass the time. This is especially important if caring for children. Board games, puzzles, books, and other age appropriate activities can be the difference between getting by and breezing through a situation.

Bugging Out

Keeping yourself and those with you from stressing too much about a bug out situation you should consider including forms of entertainment in your bug-out bag such as a deck of cards or a book. If you're bugging out with small children you should ensure that their BOB includes at least a few items to keep them occupied.


In a larger total collapse entertainment can be a key to keeping up morale. These will consist of day to day small activities much like board game or puzzles that can be useful in short term disasters but also bigger community wide events. Examples of these could be big meals like Thanksgiving or Easter, sporting events like weekend baseball, soccer, or basketball games, dances such as square dancing or contra dancing, church services, concerts, and singings.

Everyday lives

The motto of TSP is helping you live a better life, if times get tough or even if they don't so it's important to have hobbies and interests that are purely for enjoyment. This includes many of the low tech things included in the SHTF section but can be extended to include many higher tech past times that might not be possible if the power grid fails. These include editing wikis, listening to podcasts, playing video games, and watching movies such as Idiocracy.

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