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Evacuating, also called bugging out, "getting out of dodge," or "heading for the hills," is essentially leaving your current location due to an emergency that renders it unsafe to remain there or bugging in. When a disaster strikes, there are two options for dealing with it: bugging in or bugging out. In either situation there are many considerations to be made, but bugging out is perhaps the more complicated of the two. Bugging out requires considerations for portable food, water, transportation, a final destination, and a plan for getting there in one piece.


Bug Out Plans

The most important part of a bug out is your strategy for performing a bug out. In an emergency survival situation you will be under intense stress and having a well thought-out plan is essential.

Bug Out Locations

The most critical component of any bug out strategy, is your final destination; the bug out location (BOL). A bug-out without a place to go, will render you a refugee subject to the elements and with nothing but the supplies on your back and anything you may or may not be able to scavenge. Your BOL should have or be able to provide all of the shelter, water, food, and other supplies you may need for any emergency you decide to prepare yourself for.

Bug Out Gear

Your bug out gear is all of the equipment that you will have prepared ahead of time to sustain you as you make your way from wherever you are leaving until you arrive at your BOL. Typically this will include 3 or more days worth of food and water as well as many other supplies such as portable shelter and a firearm if you are so inclined. Bug out gear is extremely personal and will need to be adjusted according to your plan and needs.

Bug Out Vehicles

Your bug out vehicle is the means or transport you will use to get out of dodge and to your BOL. Like bug out gear, your BOV is extremely personal. Depending on possible road conditions, obstacles, the speed at which you want to travel, and the supplies and people your need to transport your BOV could be anything from a pair or shoes to a fully equipped SUV.

Bug Out Routes

Your bug out route is the path you will take to your BOL. This could be a highway, a dirt road, or any other ground, water, or air pathway that will get you to where you want to be. This is perhaps the biggest consideration to make when choosing a BOV. You should have several potentials routes and know them all intimately.

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