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The Arab Spring is a phrase used for an Antiamerican[1] series of protests, riots, acts of terrorism, and general political instability in the Middle East and North Africa, which have been ongoing since 2010. The most notable events include new governments in Tunisia, Egypt and the death of Libyan dictator Muammar Qaddafi. Also the president of Yemen Ali Abdullah Saleh fled to the USA.

For some months the Muslim Brotherhood controlled Egypt until the government gets overthrown again. al-Qaeda is stronger in Yemen with control on some cities. In Libya Islamists killed the ambassador of the United States and the late government wanted to construct Sharia law. The syrian president Bashar al-Assad does not want to resign his tenure. So it came to the Syrian Civil War (mainly a mercenary war), where an Islamist opposition fights against the secular government and also Sunnis fights Shias.[2] In Tunisia the Islamist Ennahda-party took the power.[3]

The policies of US President Barack Hussein Obama with regard to the Arab Spring seemed to be in the interest of Muslim theocracy, unlike previous American Presidents who have favored governments which are secular and pro-Israel.

Behind the Arab Spring

Some think that:

There exists in the world a very wealthy and very influential group of people; the wealthiest 1%; a Power Elite, who exerts tremendous influence on world events. This Power Elite value themselves above all other nations... (seen as) the destroyers and builders of nations... reshaping their political regimes through revolutions and wars to make these nations subservient to their own agenda... They were responsible for all major wars around the world, for revolutions in many countries, for economical crises and for most major events in the history of this world. Through their wealth they control heads of states, all media outlets, military and intelligence organizations, and the world economy. Looking at the present global financial crises affecting many countries, one could not help but ask: who is this debtor, wealthy enough to hold many countries and their whole economies in his debt?... Iraq, Libya, Syria and Iran were the main obstacles to the Power Elite’s primary colonial Zionist Project of establishing Greater Israel to control the Middle Eastern region... the Power Elite came up with the perfect scheme of “New Order through Chaos” erroneously dubbed, later on, as the Arab Spring. It involves revolution from within to topple the ruling regime and to incite conflict and struggle between the different religious and ethnic groups to divide and to weaken the country in order to make it easier for them to interfere, under the pretence of protecting minorities and/or of economic aid, to virtually control and re-organize the country. [1]

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