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Alternative Systems of Support are alternates to the mainstream systems of support. Many of the current systems of support are actively collapsing or are unstable and susceptible to collapse or restructuring. Developing alternate systems of support at a personal level and in broader systems will ease the transition from one system to another when the old models do eventually collapse or are forced to change.


Main Stream Systems

Economic System

Food Distribution System

Food Production System

Legal System

Energy System including the Power Grid

Education system

Water System

Medical System

Legal System

Judicial and Prison System

Alternative Systems

Economic System

Alternative economic systems include things such as cryptocurrency like bitcoin, time based economies, regional monetary systems like BerkShares, and barter.

Food Production & Distribution System

Alternatives to the mainstream food production & distribution system are growing more of your own food or relying on food from farms close enough to you that if the transportation system broke down you would still have access. Permaculture can and will be a key planning tool in these systems that will implement tons of different applications.

Legal System

The main alternative at this point that I know about to the legal system is trying to avoid it. Instead of calling the police on the neighbors for infractions try to communicate with your neighbor to resolve the issue without destroying the sense of community.

Energy System

Energy systems are a broad topic including. A good outline are the articles on alternative energy and alternative power systems.


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Medical System

Topics include such things as Complementary medicine, Acupuncture, and Herbalist.

Judicial and Prison System

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