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Alex Shrugged is the pen name of a TSP listener who is best known for writing the history segments for The Survival Podcast and TSP Wiki. He also contributes to the The Survival Podcast Forum: answering questions about earthworks construction and computer security. He reads over 100 books a year, and enjoys tweaking the NSA but holds out no hope that somehow the NSA couldn't find out exactly who he is at any time it wanted. Please indulge his fantasy of anonymity nevertheless.

He is a recovering improvisational comedian, a former professional clown, and if this isn't redundant: a former Soils Technician and BIOS programmer. Now disabled and retired.

He is also an Orthodox Jew.



The Historical Record

  • There are good reasons for historians to differ, especially regarding the Middle Ages when the so-called "record" tends to be distorted or back-dated or outright forged to accuse someone of a crime or to cover up someone else's crime.
  • When you see a date that differs from what you know to be correct, just know that Alex Shrugged is picking dates that seem reasonable and supportable but since Alex Shrugged is a hobbyist and not a professional historian, he will defer to the experts.

No Hidden Agendas

  • Regarding the idea that these summaries are handpicked to fit an agenda, the agenda is: "The more things change the more they stay the same." Nothing hidden about it so Alex Shrugged is picking events that suggest something to be learned for TODAY! But selecting those type of events DOES distort our view of history. There is no intent to misrepresent history, but something will be lost nevertheless.
  • Alex Shrugged calls himself an Orthodox Jew because that best describes what he does religiously. However, his mother is a Christian and he loves his mother so by extension he loves all Christians as long as they give him milk and cookies and say nice things about him to the neighbors. (For those who have had "humor by-pass surgery," his mother really is a Christian but the bit about "milk and cookies" was a joke. He was a comedian. Remember? And he loves writing about himself in the third person.)

Reading List

Other Media

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