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Domitian kills his Cousin

Contributed by David Verne

Domitian appoints his cousin, Titus Flavius Clemens, as his co-counsel this year, however, Domitian then decides to put his cousin to death on charges of atheism. According to Roman historian, Cassius Dio, this meant Clemens had become Jewish or Christian, with the former more likely. Domitian then executed his secretary Epaphroditos, a freedman who had helped Nero with his suicide, accusing him of not doing enough to try and save his master. After this execution, Domtian's once loyal court officials began fearing for their lives and a plot was hatched to assassinate him, lead by his chamberlain, Parthenius. [1]

My Take by David Verne
When he first came to power, Domitian had extended court positions to all men of merit and had created an efficient and loyal bureaucracy. As soon as he started executing a few of them, some began to turn on him and this will cause his immediate downfall.

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