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The Quaker Rebellion and the Promises of Politicians

The northern region of the Carolina Province is chock-full of Quakers, and travel is tedious compared to the southern region of Carolina where there is easy access to deep-water ports. Because of this difficult access to the north, Colonel Thomas Cary was appointed a few years ago to run it as a separate entity. (North and South Carolina were formed shortly thereafter.) Cary was a big Anglican Church supporter so he imposed a tax to build up the Anglican Church. Naturally, the Quakers objected strongly, so he was removed from office... but Cary refused to leave! Instead, he switched sides and became a big QUAKER SUPPORTER! Thus, Cary's Rebellion began. Now, the official Governor of North Carolina shows up but then flees to Virginia to escape the rebellion. He calls for a man named Hyde to put down Cary's Rebellion, but before Hyde receives his official appointment with all the signatures and seals, the Governor of North Carolina... dies. (Whoa, Nelly!) Hyde tries to wrest control from Cary anyway. A sudden uptick in German immigration upsets the balance of power in favor of Hyde and the Anglicans, not because German farmers love Anglicans but because they see Hyde as the establishment. However, the newcomers are deep in debt, so Cary offers to help them out... and so it goes. By next year the Royal Marines will oust Cary. Shots will be fired but not by Quakers. [1] [2] [3] [4]

My Take by Alex Shrugged
I am reminded of so many craven political flip-flops that it is almost too easy to write this segment. There was Senator John Kerry's famous flip-flop when he said he voted FOR the war appropriations bill before he voted AGAINST it. It sounded so bad that he would have done better simply taking the hit and moving on. And Governor Mitt Romney was Pro-Choice before he was Pro-Life. He actually stood his ground on that flip-flop. He flopped. And, I didn't like seeing Governor Chris Christie walking down the beach with President Obama after Super Storm Sandy. Even though it was his job to do the best he could for New Jersey, it just seemed... wrong. And don't get me started on Hillary. She was a "Goldwater Girl" in 1964. President Ronald Reagan was a Democrat before he was a Republican, but he had such a long history of making Republican-like statements that one story tells of a lady heckler who asked him why he didn't just sign up to become a Republican. When Reagan came up with the lame excuse that he didn't have the proper form to switch parties, the lady produced the form and he filled it out immediately. Frankly, I've been so disappointed in the past, I no longer trust ANY politician. Now, I assume they are all liars and it goes downhill from there. [5] [6] [7] [8] [9]

Hoofing It at the Ascot Races

Oh Heavens to My Fair Lady! Queen Anne of England authorizes horse racing at Ascot! They make it quite a festive occasion. Ladies and gents arrive in carriages on Royal Ascot day and even in the modern day they make quite a show of it. Queen Elizabeth the 2nd will show up. [10] [11]

My Take by Alex Shrugged
There is a famous scene in the movie "My Fair Lady" where Eliza the street urchin is dressed up like a lady and is taken to this special Ascot Race. She has been trained to be prim and proper and "to speak like a lady," but a fellow hands her a ticket to help her enjoy the horse racing (and the betting). As the horses round the curve her horse, Dover, has fallen behind. She mutters, "Come on. Come on, Dover." And then a little louder, "Come on. Come on, Dover." And as the horses run past, she shouts, "Come on, Dover! Move your bloomin' arse!" Everyone is shocked. One woman faints dead away. It is probably the funniest scene in the movie. [12]

Firsts in the Arts

* The clarinet is added to the orchestra. [13]
* The tuning fork is invented. [14]
* The London Academy of Arts is founded. [15]

This Year in Wikipedia

Year 1711, Wikipedia.

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