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A Revolt in Rome

The construction of the Cathedral in Florence has been completed but it will not be consecrated until 1436. In the meantime, Rome has fallen into open rebellion. The new Pope Eugene the 4th was the handpicked successor of the previous Pope, but the previous Pope was a little too generous to his friends and family in handing out choice papal land and positions. When Pope Eugene took office he aggressively eliminated this sort of corruption. Unfortunately the people he has been pursuing are also the people who have been maintaining order in Rome and its all coming apart. Pope Eugene flees to Florence and remains there for the next 10 years. [1] [2]

My Take by Alex Shrugged
Pope Eugene the 4th was a mixed bag as all leaders are. He is finding that reform can be quite difficult even when the corruption is rather obvious and simple to fix. If one begins with wide-spread reform, it causes competing factions to join together to resist the change. In principle one would think it is best to simply change everything that needs to be changed but despite what critics say... the Pope is no longer an absolute ruler. Whatever his decisions (good or bad) they must be carried out by others. Simply making demands is not enough. He must convince others to go along.

FYI, I am reminded of Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu of Israel many years ago when he tried to push through government reform. He did too much too fast and in the end he got nothing but a boot in the backside on his way out the door. Netanyahu has returned as Prime Minister but he has done nothing. Perhaps government can only be reformed in the forge of fire. (I hope that wasn't too dark. I welcome contrary views.)

Hussite vs Hussite: The Hussites Win

As has been happening all along, when the Emperor's forces would attack the Hussites, the Hussites would set aside their differences and fight against the common enemy. They have won their battles against the Crusaders. Now they must win their own civil war using a new tactic. Two groups set up their war wagons into a lager formation but the two groups are too far away from each other to do much damage. Then, suddenly, one of the groups leaves the field. The other group, thinking they have them on the run, open up their war wagons and pursue. It's a trap. Infantry hit them from the side and the retreating war wagons slow and fire their cannons. It's a slaughter. When the dust clears, the Ultraquists and the Bohemian League win. The Emperor commented that ... "the Bohemians could be overcome only by Bohemians." [3] [4]

My Take by Alex Shrugged
What was the big fight over? The Ultraquists believed that the bread AND the wine should be offered at the communion service. What next? Dogs and cats living together? Shudder! Well... it was a controversy at the time. Remember that many of the things that are considered settled religious law and perfectly normal have not been settled yet. It's going to take the Protestant Reformation to force everyone (including the Catholics) to decide what is really important to them.

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Year 1434, Wikipedia.

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