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That Old Black Magic

King Edward III of England dies of ... well... "the Clap" (otherwise known as gonorrhea). It has been a while since King Edward III of England has been running anything. His son, Edward the Black Prince, had been in charge but he died last year. King Edward III had agreed to support the Black Prince's son, Richard II, as the heir apparent but he is only ten years old. With the King's passing, the regency will go to the Black Prince's younger brother, John of Gaunt. While John and his older brother had their differences, he will be a good regent. It will be John's son, Henry the 4th, who will make a move for the throne around the time his father passes away. [1] [2] [3]

My Take by Alex Shrugged
How do we know that King Edward died of gonorrhea? Last year it was discussed in the Good Parliament that his mistress was using black magic on the royal jewels, so to speak. He died from an abscess. If he had died from the Black Death or Saint Anthony's Fire they would have said so. In the advanced stages of untreated gonorrhea, an abscess can form and the disease can spread to other organs of the body. In the modern day, death is unlikely since antibiotics can be used to cure gonorrhea long before it gets to the advanced stages. In the Middle Ages there is no cure. Injecting mercury through the penis was tried as a "cure" in the 1500s and perhaps earlier. Antibiotics will not be invented until the 20th century. [4] [5] [6]

John Wycliffe

With the passing of King Edward III of England, the heir apparent, Richard II, will become king at 10 years old which is too young to rule so the regency will go to the Black Prince's younger brother, John of Gaunt. John will use his position to support an up and coming scholar and lay preacher, John Wycliffe. Yes... THAT John Wycliffe, the guy with the controversial Bible translation but Wycliffe's Bible won't be the only thing controversial about him. He saw little need for a Pope. He rejected the idea of excommunication and other things designed to delight the monarchy of England. [7] [8] [9]

My Take by Alex Shrugged
Though Protestantism was unheard of at this time, a split in the Catholic Church will come in 1378 when Pope Gregory the 11th dies in Rome and several people claim the Papacy. It will be called the Great Schism. Wycliffe has set up the core requirements for Church of England's first split from the Catholic Church in 1534. [10] [11]

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