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Edward, The Black Prince in Poor Health and Poor

Edward, the Black Prince can barely move. He caught dysentery that turned into dropsy (a build up of water in the legs, also known as edema). After directing the massacre of the town of Limoges from his litter, he is giving up his administrative duties in Aquitaine in present day France. He is out of ducats and returning to England. He will linger for another few years and die in 1376 at the age of 45. [1] [2] [3] [4]

My Take by Alex Shrugged
In the Middle Ages you make money by beating people up and taking their stuff. For the nobility such as the Black Prince, he must go to war as an excuse to make his money either by plundering enemy provinces or conquering neighboring lands and expanding his tax base or marrying into a family that controls vast lands that can be exploited. The reputation of the Black Prince in France is bad and will remain so until the modern day. In England, he is viewed in a more favorable light.

Black Death: Got any Kings? Go Gaunt!

Two years ago John of Gaunt's wife died of the Black Death so he is marrying Constance of Castile making her the Duchess of Lancaster and making him the King of Castile which is part of present day Spain. England has finally made a strategic connection with Castile. The last attempt was in 1348 when John Gaunt's sister, Princess Joan, was supposed to marry the Prince of Castile but she died of the Plague on the way to her wedding.[5] Her body turned to ash as Bordeaux was put to the flames to stop the outbreak of Plague. [6] [7] [8] [9]

My Take by Alex Shrugged
The kingship of Castile is not yet assured. The 4th bastard son of two kings back has already claimed the throne. Even so, John of Gaunt has become amazingly powerful yet it is doubtful that he even notices. The high nobility of the Middle Ages are not known for quiet, contemplative self-reflection. His son, Henry IV, will notice, though, and once John's brother, Edward, the Black Prince, dies leaving a son, Richard II as the heir apparent, John of Gaunt's eldest LIVING son, Henry IV, will look upon the throne with covetous eyes. No worries yet. Henry is only 3 years old right now. [10]

Okinawa Kowtows to China

A delegation from the Ming Dynasty of China has landed on the island of what will one day be known as the Japanese island of Okinawa. The delegation has convinced the islanders to offer tribute to China. The word "kowtow" (pronounced COW TAW-O), is a Chinese word meaning to bow one's head to the ground in submission. [11] [12]

My Take by Alex Shrugged
One wonders how the Chinese were able to talk Okinawa into paying off the Chinese, but the Ming Dynasty has been focused on reducing piracy along the Chinese coast. They will pass a law prohibiting sailing off of the Chinese coast even by Chinese. It seems reasonable to assume that the Chinese suspect that the pirates are coming from Okinawa and because Okinawa pays, one can assume that they think so too. Ultimately, the law prohibiting sailing won't work. The economy of the coastal towns depend heavily on coastal shipping and fishing.[13]

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