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1337 is "Leet Speak"

Leet Speak or "Hacker Speek" is the practice of using a combination of letters and numbers to disguise their writing. The year 1337 defines the whole idea since if you look at the numbers in a certain way you can see the word "leet".... meaning "elite." [1] [2]

My Take by Alex Shrugged
I've used "leet speak" before but not by that name. I discovered I was using it in a minor way when I read the book "Little Brother" by Cory Doctorow. It is a novel about computer security and avoiding the scrutiny of Homeland Security... written from the perspective of a San Francisco leftist. I found it fascinating that the left and the right do have something in common. The book is offered free by the author as an ebook. I provided a link below in case anyone would like to give it a read. [3]

The War's Wooly Beginnings

The 100 Years' War will have many beginnings. King Edward III of England's claim to the throne of France was rejected and Philip the Fortunate took the throne. Since Edward was also Duke of Aquitaine, he was required to take a vow of loyalty to the King of France, but instead he has been selling off England's wool production to finance a war against France. The Edwardian part of this 100 Years' War begins with amassing money by selling wool, and taking out massive loans to buy allies on the continent. This year he declares himself King of France. Those are fighting words, but not much fighting has happened yet. [4] [5] [6]

My Take by Alex Shrugged
Keep in mind that much of the English aristocracy are for all intents and purposes.... FRENCH! The English aristocracy speaks French and the area that we would call modern day France was about half English. This explains why the English language borrows so many words from French. But there are differences between the English and the French. The French seem more concerned about purity of blood lines while the English seem more concerned about merit and markets. The French call the English an aristocracy of merchants. That is not a compliment from their point of view.

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