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The Jews Expelled from England with 3 Months Notice

By order of King Edward I of England, 16,000 English Jews are expelled from the island. He will give them 3 months to sell their property. Most will sail to France. The Jews have been losing influence and money for decades now being slowly replaced by the Italians in banking. All the King can do is use them as political fodder, making the King look good as he kicks them out of the country (and not incidentally, moving the blame for the country's problems from the King to the Jews.) They won't be back until Oliver Cromwell allows them to return in 1657, over 350 years later.

If you look at my take you will see how I compare the Expulsion of the Jews to the Apache Indians accepting welfare! :-) [1] [2]

My Take by Alex Shrugged
There is a finely balanced tension between the peasantry/monks and the nobility/bishops. During the Crusades some of the bishops and nobility tried to protect the Jews only to be overruled by the peasantry and monks, slaughtering the Jews. One can only imagine what the bishops and nobility were thinking then. I sometimes wonder if the King of Saudi Arabia would be more reasonable if he wasn't afraid that a peace deal with Israel would result in his head being removed from his shoulders and placed on a pike in front of his palace.

BTW, even hundreds of years after the Jews are gone from England, Shakespeare will write of the evil Shylock, the Jew. There are other examples of this use of Jews as bad guys. In such entertainment, the Jews may have taken the position of stereotypical bad guys just as the Indians played the bad guys in early TV westerns... long after the Indians were a danger to anyone. [3] [4]

BIG FYI... the Apaches were actually a danger until the early 1900s when finally someone in the government had the bright idea to give the Indians welfare in the form of a limited number of cattle. The chief had the authority to decide who got this valuable but limited commodity. That caused the Apaches to change their behavior in order to benefit from this largess. This broke the back of the Apache rebellion. All because the government gave them free stuff!


The Maid of Norway Dies, Let the Wars Begin

Margaret, Queen of Scots, is 9-years-old but she has never set foot in Scotland.... and never will. Known as The Maid of Norway, she was living with her father, King Eric II of Norway when her grandfather, King Alexander III of Scotland, took a long trip over a short cliff. Now she is making her way to Scotland to claim the throne but she has fallen ill and dies before she ever reaches Scotland. This will leave the succession uncertain and set the stage for a war between Scotland and England, but that is a few years away. For now, the Scots will ask King Edward I of England to mediate the question of succession in Scotland.[6] [7] [8]

My Take by Alex Shrugged
Poor little girl. She had been promised in marriage to King Edward's son and that would have united England and Scotland but with her death that whole deal went down the crapper. They'll do their best to repair this problem but it's going to fall apart soon.

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