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Many wonder when to take Ayurvedic herbs and Western herbs.

The role of herbs and herbal supplements in Ayurveda is ancillary but important. That is, diet and lifestyle are the foundation but herbs support and augment diet and lifestyle influences. The herbs are said to be a kind of intelligence, which gently promotes healthy physiology. They work on many levels of our being: mental, emotional, physical, spiritual. They may affect cells, tissues, organs and systems, individually or in combination. Herbs and herbal compounds are a balance of energies and if taken properly are generally free from side effects; e.g. they do not provoke toxicity-related reactions from the body, even when taking allopathic drugs (some homeopathic drugs may be affected). It is important to note, however, that herbs may make your prescription drugs more effective, necessitating dose monitoring and adjustments of those medications. In other ways herbs may be regarded as nutritional food supplements. It is well known that the body makes all new blood cells every 60-120 days while replacement of every cell of our bones takes a year, so it takes time for the positive effects of herbs and nutrients to be realized as healing -- 90 days at the least. Herbal regimes are intended to support nature's work of healing or maintaining proper physiology - - they are not interventions in nature's work. The following information is a guideline for understanding our herbal suggestions:

  • herbs may be suggested:

O.I.D. = once a day

B.I.D. (two times a day (from Latin bis in die) = twice a day

T.I.D. (three times a day (from Latin ter in die) = three times per day

or as needed as given by SOS

herbs to take (up to) an hour before sleep are indicated with = H.S.

If digestion is the main area then the herbs may be taken during meals = w.c.

If the target area is above the stomach then the herbs are suggested to be taken up to 15 minutes after meals = p.c. (after meals (from Latin post cibum)

Compounds having many purposes may be taken as directed.

  • If the suggestion calls for taking the herb around a meal it should be taken even if the meal itself is not eaten.
  • If more than one herbal recommendation is to be taken then try to separate each item by at least 30 minutes. If more than one item is suggested following a meal then they may be taken together.

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