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Tow ropes, tow straps, chains, and recovery straps are all important items to have when trying to recover a stuck vehicle. They are all essentially the same thing, extensions with attachment points, but each has its own subtle differences that give them all slightly different purposes.


Tow Ropes - Hooked

Tow ropes with hooks are one of the most popular and useful devices for pulling out a vehicle. The hooks easilly attach to tow-points on many vehicles and they are much lighter and easier to work with than chains. Special T-hooks are available for the recover points on many vehicles chassis.

Tow Rope Hooked.jpg

Tow Chain

Tow chains are stronger and more versatile than ropes, but they are heavier and harder to work with as well.

Tow Chain.jpg

Recovery Strap

Recover straps are safer to use than other recover devices because they lack the metal hooks that become dangerous when ropes or chains break. They are harder to attach to vehicles though.

Recovery Strap.jpg

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