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The Survival Podcast Wiki (TSP Wiki) is the brainchild of Jack Spirko. This wiki is intended to be an encyclopedia of everything related to survival and TSP. Much of the initial content originated at the Zombie Squad Wiki, but has grown well beyond that.



The Wiki came about from a simple idea in the comments at The Survival Podcast blog. “What I think we need is a no nonsense survival wiki” mused a commenter, thank him because that very week the wiki was born.

A really awesome team assembled around the task of putting the bones on the TSP Survival Wiki in November 2013. By January 2014 the wiki was opened to the public to join in the collaborative efforts of creating and enjoying the content of the wiki.


The goal of The Survival Podcast Wiki is to become the go to resource for all things prepper, survival and even permaculture. It will be devoid of the liberal bias and politics that plague not to mention the minutiae some topics are taken to, our wiki will focus on the stuff new and seasoned preppers really want to know.


Anyone that wants to can sign up for an account and help add new pages or edit and expand existing ones. Editing a wiki is really easy but takes a little knowledge, but our team even set up some basic training materials on how to do stuff for you.

A wiki is like a treasure hunt that you build as you go. For example if you are writing up a page and use a word and think to yourself 'some people might not know that term', so you create a link for it. When you publish that page you find one of two things...

  1. Someone made a page for that word already and it may be really great or it may need expanding or tweaking.
  2. You just created that page via the link, it is a blank slate! It will be up to you or another person to get it off the ground.

What should you edit

A cool feature is the link in the left margin that says, Special pages. You can find some really cool info that way, like Wanted pages. Those are pages that are linked to by other pages but have not yet themselves been created. The more pages that mention and refer to them the higher they are on the list. Also in the left margin you will see Recent changes which shows exactly what you would expect the most recent activity on the wiki.

The key here is anyone can edit any page, the pages we all create and add to do not belong to any one person. So if you see someone make a page but it needs some help and you can do so, you just do it. These are not articles like a blog, this is a group think project that leads to a massive database of easily accessible information.

Attention Bloggers, Podcaster and YouTubers!

Hey bloggers, podcasters, and YouTubers you can help too! Next time you are writing an article about something prepper, homestead or permaculture related, consider a link to the TSP Wiki page for that item. You know something like Societal Collapse or Amateur Radio or Food Forest. The more links the better.

Lastly what if you are like, why isn’t there a page on ______. Well then create one, find a page that would be related and edit that one, create a link to the term you want to add and presto click that link and blank slate and have at it. The TSP Wiki is a Do-ocracy-Meritocracy.

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