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Surveillance an important security concern. Knowing what is going on in and around your property will allow you to react to a situation in an effective way, without proper surveillance you may be caught off-guard by an intruder.


Basic Concepts

Selecting & Escalation

During modern day life, turning your BOL into a maximum security fortress complete with patrols and 24/7 observation post may bring unwanted attention. A simple neighborhood watch, on the other hand, may be inadequate during a full-blown societal collapse. Understanding how much surveillance to use and when to escalate to greater security is important.

Visibility and Sight Lines

Visibility is a careful balancing act of providing yourself with good lines of sight for observation and weapons use if necessary while trying to conceal yourself from view as much as possible. Put simply, you want to conceal yourself without providing concealment for intruders.


Properly placed lighting, both static and motion activated, allows you to see what is going on more effectively. Lighting that is projected from your house outwards also compromises an intruders ability to observe your home.

Motion Detector Light.jpg


There are many different methods of surveillance, some are simple, easy, and should always be in place while others are resource intensive and would only be useful during a crisis.

Physical Observation

The simplest form of surveillance is taking the time to watch what is going on. Some degree of physical observation should always be taking place.

Neighborhood Watch

Neighborhood watch programs generally consist of little more than communities agreeing to keep and eye on things and making sure everyone is aware of unusual events.

Video Surveillance

Video surveillance uses CCTV cameras and IP Cameras to view one or more locations remotely. This one to potentially monitor and record activity on a property.

Electronics Surveillance Devices

There are several types of surveillance devices that allow you to monitor activity.



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