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There are 3,793 articles in this Survival Wiki, with 8,330 pages, edited by 1,186 users as of July 28, 2017 at 17:01.

3,793 is the number of pages in the main namespace which contain a link and are not a redirect. This includes full articles, stubs containing a link, and disambiguation pages.

For more detail see: Special:Statistics

TSP Wiki's In the News feature is a news feed reporting on current events. It is meant to be informative and thought-provoking on sometimes controversial topics and is separate from, but often links to the encyclopedic articles of the site. It accumulates the most interesting and important news for all readers, drawing from a wide range of news outlets. All these stories are presented in one convenient place, located on the right-hand column of TSP Wiki's Site_title:Current_events main page. In the News is distinguished from similar news sources by the readily available access to informational pages about people and events via links directly to TSP Wiki's entries.

In the News places particular emphasis on stories that have been under-reported by the Mainstream Media. In the News also features stories designed to promote discussion and dialog on the pressing issues facing the world today.

TSP Wiki readers are invited to discuss featured stories and suggest new ones at our main talk page.

See Site_title_talk:Current_events

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