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Trucks lack the fuel-economy and handling of smaller vehicles, but with 4-wheel-drive and more ground clearance their off-road ability lets them go places cars and motorcycles can't go. They also have superior cargo capacity, but may have less seating depending upon the cab type.

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Disadvantages and Overcoming Them

Every vehicle has its own unique challenges, whether it lacks certain abilities, is more demanding of its operator, or has limits of capacity, all vehicles are imperfect. The following entries address overcoming these obstacles.

  • Fuel Efficiency is perhaps the greatest shortcoming of trucks. Most trucks burn significantly more fuel for the same distance of travel as other vehicles, but this is not necessarily the problem it may seem to be. Trucks have several advantages that allows them to overcome this; diesel capability, cargo capacity, and off-road capability. Many more trucks are available that use diesel instead of gasoline which can be extremely advantageous. Diesel is a more efficiently used fuel and is more widely available in unexpected places than gas. Cargo capacity is perhaps the easiest way to extend a trucks range, storing fuel in extra containers can give a truck even greater range than a car or other vehicle. Trucks also have superior off-road capabilities, especially with four-wheel drive, which allows them to take either more direct routes or avoid roads that would be extremely crowded during a mass exodus.
  • Handling can be a problem due to trucks' higher center of gravity and increased weight they more susceptible to roll-overs. The key to overcoming this is primarily in driver ability and route selection. Choosing a route to play to the vehicle's strengths, such as being outside of cities, will help to avoid fast turns and other difficult maneuvers. Driver experience is the best way to deal with this problem, however. While a truck will never handle like a sports car, a driver who is intimately familiar with their truck will likely be able to out maneuver the average sports car owner.

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