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PermaEthos is a planned libertarian minded Permaculture ecovillage. PermaEthos began as an idea of Jack Spirko and was established through investors from the TSP community. One of the goals of this project is to be a proof of concept that will be the spring board for many communities of the same type.



PermaEthos 3.0 - Private landowners with Founders Squad Education Model

Outlined in episode 1320 - need to transcribe details.

PermaEthos 2.0 - The PermaEthos Community Farm Model

Core tenets of the farm model

  1. Based on voluntary association, the farm will not accept any government grant.
  2. Care of the Earth
  3. Care of People
  4. Return of Surplus
  5. No Secrets - any innovations or failures will be open source
  6. Open Accounting
  7. Obtain a Yield
  8. Teach and Spread Permaculture
  9. Improve Local Communities
  10. Replicate

Farm Operations

A farm steward, most likely Josiah Wallingford, and a few farm hands will live on site and will manage the day to day operations.

What they need as of February 2014

  • Looking for 40-80 acres zoned agricultural with an existing house.
  • Legal advisement
  • Services of a CPA
  • Two farm hands
  • Woofers

PermaEthos 1.0 - Original Conception

Investors would put in money. A corporation would be formed. A tract of land bought. Investors would then have rights to 99 year leases or something similar to where they could then build a structure on the corporate owned land. Most of the land would be designed using permaculture principles to provide for the community through commerce and physical nourishment. After months of work trying to move forward with this model the plan was changed to be a working farm first that could then potentially morph into a more residential model because of government interference.

PermaEthos started with a dream of a libertarian style community based on Permaculture Ethics. 80-120 families living together on a piece of land, sharing responsibilities and resources in voluntary association. A farm community hybrid, where each member had a small plot of land but a huge portion of the land was to be community owned and managed.[2]

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  2. accessed February, 02 2014

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