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The National Education Association (NEA) is a American labor union with strong leftist leanings; it is currently the largest labor union in the United States. Membership is mandatory for teachers and administrators at most public schools in the United States.

This liberal special interest group uses tax payer citizen money to promote socialist Common Core and other public education indoctrination and public school values including gun control to help create a entitlement mentality tea cup generation. They require mandatory paycheck deductions of $1000 per year or more that always get donated to liberal Democrat political campaigns.

According to critics, teachers' unions such as the National Education Association (largest union is the USA) and American Federation of Teachers are not so much professional organizations as they are liberal Nanny state lobbying groups, and they are most likely responsible for the removal of Conservatives values, God, and Christian values from public school classrooms. The NEA is also a coalition partner of the liberal coalition America Votes. [1]



In 1857, the National Teachers Association (NTA) was formed. After many years of competition and struggles between the unions, the NTA merged with the National Education Association to form the union as it stands today. The NEA is now headquartered in Washington, D.C.



The NEA demands a tax-supported single-payer health-care plan for all American residents, regardless of citizenship, need, or desire.


The NEA supports changes in immigration law ("reform," in their words) that include a path to permanent citizenship, residency, or failing that, asylum for illegal aliens. [2]


The NEA is infested with the traditional atheism and multiculturalism of its liberal members. Despite the fact that people, especially the youth, tend to embrace deceit (and other atheistic values when separated from God, the NEA has succeeded in removing God from public schools.

Martin Luther King Controversy

One poignant example of the atheism that the NEA has pushed into the public schools is their curriculum about Martin Luther King. Although Reverend King wished to be remembered for his pursuit of civil rights and how he took a stand for God. Although King was a man who shaped tolerance and end injustice for the next generation, liberals hijacked his message and ignore his deep faith and devotion to God and the justice He serves with His invisible hand. Reverend King believed that faith in God can overcome all challenges, but the NEA and its members choose to make King a godless icon, adrift from his spiritual foundations.

This controversy most recently culminated when a question was posed to the director of the NEA about Whether Martin Luther King's Views on God's Law Should Be Taught in Public School. His response was to dodge the question entirely with the answer, "we have so very much to learn from King." [3]


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