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Liberal whining is the tendency of liberals to immaturely protest when things don't go their way. This has been known to worsen and progress towards more destructive infractions such as liberal vandalism. Examples of liberal whining include the following:

  1. Al Gore senselessly demanded pointless recounts repeatedly after his defeat by George Walker Bush in the 2000 Presidential Election[1]
  2. Supporters of Barack Obama insisted that all or the majority of their opposition were racist even without any evidence in their favor. Anyone who did not support Barack Obama was automatically considered to be a White supremacist by liberals.[2]
  3. The Fairness Doctrine is supported by liberal whiners who feel threatened by conservative talk radio.
  4. Liberals complain bitterly about Republican use of the filibuster--an entirely legal and valid tool--to stop them from ramming home an agenda unsupported by the American people. Some have threatened to eliminate the filibuster in an attempt to completely deny Republicans any voice in Congress.
  5. Liberal atheists complain about any references to God.

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