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Liberal stupidity (based on Latin: stupēre or stupor; removal from sense or sensibility[1][2]) is statements, policies, or actions by adherents of liberalism which are authoritative in form, but the end of which is devoid of reality or common sense, with the general public in most cases forced to pay for them. An example is the incredible statement by Democrat Hank Johnson of Georgia, who feared that the relocation of 8,000 Naval personnel to Guam would "capsize" the island.[3]


It's in the "genes"

Researchers under James H. Fowler, professor of medical genetics and political science at the University of California, San Diego, claim to have discovered a "liberal gene" (DRD4) associated with DNA in certain individuals. Fowler's research centered on dopamine, which is a neurotransmitter that affects many processes and controls over the brain, including movement, emotions, pleasure, and pain; he further claims in his paper that it's heritable, meaning it can be passed on from generation to generation, depending on social norms and environments.[4][5]

His paper followed previous ones in which he claimed voter turnout was determined by two genes[6] and altruism[7]; all of which appeared in the Journal of Politics instead of a typical scientific journal. If such a "gene" is true, then it explains many traits of liberal behavior with regards to stupidity, some of which is detailed in the following topics:

The spitting on the American flag

America and American values are disrespected and threatened everywhere in the country by rampant liberalism, which is symbolized as a whole by what they do to the flag. From displaying it pinned upside-down on jackets or using it as a "walk-on" in art displays, liberals have repeatedly insulted America by their contempt of this highest of American symbols. Some examples include:

  • Unrepentent terrorist William Ayers photographed standing on the flag for a magazine article, ironically published the day of the September 11, 2001 attacks on America by Islamic terrorists.
  • A mural of the flag, painted on a slab of concrete in California days after the 9/11 attacks, declared graffiti by the state legislature and removed days before the Fourth of July, 2010. [8]
  • The use of the flag as floor mats at the University of Maine, with the arrest of those veterans protesting it if they dared to remove the flags from the floor. [9]
  • In an act that still reverberates today, on April 25, 1976, two liberals got on the playing field at Dodger Stadium and attempted to light a flag on fire; their attempt was thwarted by ball player Rick Monday. [10]

The staining of an American icon: Superman

The comic book character Superman represented American values since his creation in the 1930's by Jerry Siegel and Joe Shuster. In 2011, DC Comics have stated that Superman intends to renounces his U.S. citizenship before the United Nations in Action Comics No. 900, “I’m tired of having my actions construed as instruments of U.S. policy … ‘truth, justice and the American way’ - it’s not enough anymore.” DC Comics issued a statement saying "Superman announces his intention to put a global focus on his never-ending battle, but he remains, as always, committed to his adopted home..." [11] Just days later, after negative publicity in the news media and internet bloggers - and coupled with the May 1, 2011 killing of terrorist Osama bin Laden - did the editors at DC Comics indicate a change of heart. [12]

Donation requests from Wikipedia

Each year the Wikimedia Foundation conducts a fundraising drive to keep the webservers working on that popular liberal website. They claim the donations go to "Servers, bandwidth, maintenance, development."[13] Yet, in the period July - December 2012, the WMF took in $30.9 million but spent only $1.3 million on internet hosting.[14] During 2012, the net worth of the WMF grew by $11 million. Yet, liberal Wikipedia users continue to donate in response to the WMF's urgent appeals.


Professor Chris Turney of the University of New South Wales, Australia[15] set sail for eastern Antartica on December 8, 2013 onboard MV Akademik Shokalskiy, a research vessel that was used on this expedition to study Antarctic climate change. The vessel, with 74 people (including additional scientists, journalists, and crew) became stuck in pack ice on Dec. 24, several miles from shore, approximately 100 nautical miles due east from the French research station Dumont d'Urville. By January 2, 2014, with the ice more than ten feet thick and several ice-breaking ships prevented from freeing the vessel, it was determined to evacuate all passengers by helicopter, leaving 22 crew members behind to tend Akademik Shokalskiy and hope she is freed[16].

Buried in the main stream news reports about the incident are a couple key facts. First and foremost is Turney's choice to go to Antarctica in the summer months when ice sheets retreat and break apart; like the Arctic in summertime, liberals choose this season to advertise the perils of global warming, despite a growing amount of evidence that the Antarctic ice sheet was expanding over the years[17]. And during this expedition, even after being trapped in an ice field which clearly grew, Turney insisted the ice was melting[18].

Second is the allegation that Turney may have hoped to profit from global warming and the hysteria that goes with it. Turney founded the company "Carbonscape"[19][20][21], which creates activated carbon from waste materials, such as sawdust. Despite this, neither MV Akademik Shokalskiy, nor the rescue ships, nor the helicopters and search aircraft, used anything other than normal, carbon-based diesel or other fuel to generate power.

As to MV Akademik Shokalskiy, the ice sheets surrounding Antarctica have a historical reputation of crushing ice-bound vessels.

U.S. Congressional members

Gary Condit

A Democrat from California's 18th district (Modesto), Condit gained noteriety when he attempted to stonewall a police investigation into the 2001 disappearance and murder of political intern Chandra Levy; it was revealed during the investigation that Condit had an affair with her.[22][23] Although cleared as a prime suspect in the case, his political career was finished as a result of the scandal; he lost in the election of 2002.[24]


In 2011, liberal Democrats voted for sequestration with the belief that it would be so intolerable that conservative budget-cutters would never allow it to take effect. Again, in the December 2012 budget deal, President Obama and liberal Democrats did not agree to other spending cuts sought by conservatives because they could not believe that conservatives would allow sequestration take effect, although the deal postponed sequestration for two months.[25][26] Sequestration has now been in effect since March 2013.

Major Owens

A Democratic socialist from New York City, Owens stated in a 1995 speech on the House floor that during the African slave trade more than 200,000,000 people were thrown over the sides of the slave ships which carried them across the Atlantic, permanently disrupting the ecology and causing sharks to follow any and all ships since the trade was stopped in the 1850's. This figure worked out to be 152 slaves taken aboard nine ships per day for 200 years to get the total amount of slaves thrown overboard. After reworking his absurd figure down to 100,000,000 slaves, Owens' claim was picked up by ABC News, which reported the claim as "fact".[27][28][29]

Larry Craig

On June 11, 2007, Senator Larry Craig was arrested at the Minneapolis-St. Paul International Airport in a sting operation aimed to entrap homosexuals.[30] He then plead guilty using a mail-in form hoping to avoid public scrutiny. At an August 28, 2007 press conference, Craig attempted to back away from his admission of guilt. A judge denied his effort to withdraw his guilty plea, and Craig served the rest of his Senate term and retired from the Senate in January 2009.[31]

State legislative members

Mike Moran

Democratic State Representative Mike Moran of Brighton, Massachusetts was involved in a collision on May 21, 2010 with an illegal immigrant and was seriously injured. The suspect, 27-year-old Isaias Naranjo, was charged with leaving the scene of an accident, driving without a license, and driving drunk; he had a blood alcohol level of .25, and reportedly laughed when the charges were read to him.[32][33][34]

Moran voted YES to several bills seen as "pro-illegal immigrant" in Massachusetts[35], including to vote to "delay indefinitely" a proposal to "require the state to verify that anyone over 18 who applies for state benefits is legally in Massachusetts" [36]

Foreign leaders

On April 27, 2010 Gordon Brown, prime minister of the United Kingdom, was confronted by an elderly Gillian Duffy, 65, and a life-long member of the Labour Party. Her question had to do with the massive influx of immigrants to her hometown of Rochdale, the high taxation, the massive British debt, her disappointment in her party, and she wanted answers as to why. After the standard liberal answers, Brown got into his car and - forgetting he had a microphone on, which was still recording - talked to his aide: "That was a disaster...should never have put me with that woman. Whose idea was that?...she was just a sort of bigoted woman who said she used to be Labour." Brown was apologetic almost as immediately as word of his gaffe leaked to the press[37], but the damage was done: Brown's Labour Party lost the election and he resigned from office.[38]

News reporters

Nick McDermott

The reporter at CBS affiliate KTVA in Alaska left a message in late October, 2010 with staffers of Republican Senate candidate Joe Miller, "hoping" for an interview. Apparently not familiar with the operation of his iPhone - namely the "on/off" button - he left it on, allowing Miller's spokesperson, Randy DeSoto, to leave a full transcript of a plot to insert a convicted child molester, or, failing that, create an incident of violence, inside of a Miller rally.[39][40]

Dan Rather

The CBS anchorman became an ex-CBS employee soon after he presented a story on 60 Minutes Wednesday on September 8, 2004; in it he presented "documents" dated in 1972, supposedly written by the commanding officer at a Texas Air National Guard base, which were critical of then-1st LT George W. Bush, and hinting of his refusal to serve in Vietnam. Determined to have been poorly-concocted forgeries - which included a non-existent post office box and a type setting equal to a computer program which wasn't created until years later - the "Killian Documents" were dismissed as an October surprise meant to thwart the election of Bush that year; in fact producer Marla Mapes had in her possession evidence that contradicted the documents, but buried it instead in favor of Rather's "story". Failure to maintain basic journalistic investigation proceedures resulted in the firing of Rather, Mapes, and a number of other individuals; the tendering of resignations of senior CBS staffers; as well as bestowing a name on the whole episode in Rather's honor: Rathergate.

Hollywood stars

Jon Dalton

Dalton, who goes by the stage name "Jonny Fairplay" did something to cause boos directed against himself at the Fox Reality Awards Show on October 2, 2007. During this round actor Danny Bonaduce walked up next to him and said the obvious: "They're booing because they hate you." Upon turning his back on Dalton and attempting to exit the stage, Bonaduce was jumped on by Dalton, who subjected him to a sexual act. Either forgotten or ignored was the fact that Bonaduce has a black belt in Tang Soo Do, and he simply flipped him up and over; Dalton hit the stage floor face-first and lost some teeth. His exit off the stage was humiliating and rapid, made worse by the L.A. district attorney declining to press assault charges against Bonaduce due to insufficient evidence.[41]

Gwyneth Paltrow

Paltrow, a long-time "champion" of the environment, ended a small celebration in Hollywood, California involving a newly-released video by British singer Paul McCartney, stepped into her car and went to dinner with her husband on April 18th, 2012. The restaurant was four doors down the street - 0.06 of a mile - and took approximately 10 seconds, while several others who were at the same event and went to the same restaurant walked the distance in less than a couple minutes. The car she was in - a chauffeured Lincoln Town Car - is a gas guzzler, getting 15 miles per gallon or less in the city.[42][43]


Kansas City and $2 billion wasted

In 1985 a Federal judge ordered the state of Missouri and the district containing Kansas City to enforce desegregation, build new schools, and bring its low educational levels up to better standards, with the amount of money they would have to pay set at $2 billion dollars over 12 years. During this period $11,700 per pupil was spent, in addition to "higher teachers' salaries, 15 new schools, and such amenities as an Olympic-sized swimming pool with an underwater viewing room, television and animation studios, a robotics lab, a 25-acre wildlife sanctuary, a zoo, a model United Nations with simultaneous translation capability, and field trips to Mexico and Senegal"[44] among other things. The results today: no rise in test scores, failed integration, a loss of accreditation in 2000, a complete failure to meet all of Missouri's performance standards, and a shortfall of $52 million dollars in the budget...which would force the closing of 29 of its 61 schools.[45][46][47]

Detroit and a lack of education

Detroit, Michigan, already a poster child for everything wrong with liberalism, had a high school academy suspend 50 students for staging a walkout. The reason: they demanded an education. Douglass Academy - ironically named for a former slave who did everything he could to get an education - suffers from teachers who abuse sick leave (one was deliberately absent 68 days); a principle reassigned by the board; grades merely for showing up to class; and a listless student body who while away time in the gym or cafeteria due to the absent teachers. The result: Douglass Academy is among the worst performing urban schools in the country. [48][49][50]

Energy needs

Britain's wind farms vs. reality

Great Britain decided to "go green," and built 3,000 wind turbines, with the goal of 10,000 by 2020 to produce as much as thirty percent of energy needs; this would also be in conjunction with the closing of gas and coal-fired power stations and coal mines. As of the winter of 2010-11, one third of these turbines are shut down due to a lack of wind; the remainder are producing a mere 1.8 percent of the nation's electric needs. The result: higher prices for the importation of oil and coal, and a large segment of the public forced to go either on reduced energy consumption or without energy at all, and this during one of the coldest winters on record. [51]


Bryan Nelson

An enviro-journalist for Mother Nature Network, Byron Nelson wrote that the conquests of the Mongol leader Genghis Khan had a beneficial effect on the environment. "Over the course of the century and a half run of the Mongol Empire," Nelson explains, "about 22 percent of the world's total land area had been conquered and an estimated 40 million people were slaughtered by the horse-driven, bow-wielding hordes. Depopulation over such a large swathe of land meant that countless numbers of cultivated fields eventually returned to forests. In other words, one effect of Genghis Khan's unrelenting invasion was widespread reforestation, and the re-growth of those forests meant that more carbon could be absorbed from the atmosphere."[52]

Nelson does not explain how trees are more beneficial than grasslands or crops in removing carbon, but the implied meaning of his column is the celebration of the slaughter of millions of people for the sake of the environment.


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