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The Liberal media elite is the clique of highly paid, left-leaning executives and journalists who directly control most output of the main newspapers and broadcasting organizations. They are epitomized by the staff of such organizations as the BBC, CNN, The Guardian, The Independent, New York Times, and the Washington Post.

Among the characteristics of the Liberal media elite are:

  • Contempt for the moral values of ordinary people
  • A mission to promote pornography and incomprehensible self-indulgent nonsense as 'art'
  • Enthusiasm for public funding of media organizations
  • Contempt for accountability to the taxpayer
  • Nepotism
  • Bias towards other Liberal politicians and organizations, and hostility to organizations putting forward a popular, Conservative viewpoint
  • Strong tendencies to rewriting history to conform with Liberal prejudices
  • Low levels of personal morality
  • High tolerance of criminal drug-taking activity (based on personal practice)
  • Hostility towards religion
  • Ignorance of science, characterized by unthinking advocacy of theories of evolution, climate change and other invented nostrums of Big Science
  • Support for the 'dumbing down' policies of state/public education to be applied to the many - while coming from, and sending their own children to, private schools
  • Promoting and spreading Hollywood values through an unhealthy obsession with the diseased values of 'celebrity culture'

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