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Liberal arrogance is the tendency of liberals, in their unwarranted pride, to make presumptuous assumptions. They are often forced to later backpedal on their statements.

Examples of liberal arrogance

  • During the 2000 election cycle, many liberal members of the mainstream media called the election for Democrat Al Gore before all the votes were counted. [1]
  • During the 2008 election cycle, various liberal media outlets made statements that seemed to imply that the election of Barack Hussein Obama was inevitable weeks in advance, when in reality it was very much in doubt.
  • Brokeback Mountain, a 2005 film which became a liberal darling for its advancement of the homosexual agenda, was considered a shoe-in for the Academy Award for Best Picture. It lost to Crash. [2]
  • The DNC advanced Obama as a presidential candidate in 2008, confident that they would be able to conceal potentially devastating information about his Muslim faith and the location of his birth.
  • Environmentalists, confident that they would be vindicated by science, insisted that global warming was an established fact. Global warming as a theory has now been thoroughly discredited. [3]
  • The archaeoraptor incident, where evolutionists eager for evidence for their theory fell for a simple hoax.


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