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Kenneth W. Royce (founder of Free State Wyoming in the American Redoubt), is a firearms shooting instructor, speaker, and the author of 13 Boston T. Party books on guns, history, law, politics, privacy, and government. His Boston's Gun Bible is a classic within the shooting community, and his novel Molon Labe! has inspired a recent strategic relocation wave to the Free State of Wyoming.

One Nation, Under Surveillance is the final title from Boston T. Party, as he begins work on other books (under Kenneth W. Royce), projects, and travel.

Look for the next book by Royce, who breaks out in a new direction with this self-help book for the remedial man: Modules For Manhood What Every Male Under 40 Must Know.[1]

Kenneth W. Royce is the author of the renowned Boston T. Party books, such as Boston's Gun Bible. A lifelong shooter and hunter, Royce shows the American deer hunter and elk hunter what it takes to plan, book, and enjoy their first African safari. Royce's experience there so far is: 3 countries, 4 safaris (one a 2x1) amongst 110 days in the field, 4 four rifles/calibers, and 40 animals collected (a third of which were stalked to within 50yds). "Hunting is, for me, a biological, emotional, and spiritual imperative. I truly do not have a choice in the matter--nor would I ever want one."[2]

Mr. Royce's main issue after the Free State Wyoming project is gun rights. This Second Amendment Foundation video shows one of the main differences between liberal gun control Nanny states (Blue states) and conservative and/or libertarian Second Amendment-supporting "free states" (Red states):



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