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Janet Napolitano 200px
21st Governor of Arizona
From: January 6, 2003 – January 20, 2009
Predecessor Jane Dee Hull
Successor Janice K. Brewer
United States Secretary of Homeland Security
From: January 21, 2009-Present
President Barack Hussein Obama
Predecessor Michael Chertoff
Successor Incumbent (no successor)
23rd Attorney General of Arizona
From: 1999–2002
Governor Jane Dee Hull
Predecessor Grant Woods
Successor Terry Goddard
Party Democrat
Spouse(s) none
Religion Methodist

Janet Napolitano, a liberal Democrat, was the Secretary of Homeland Security in the Obama Administration and is now the head of the left-wing University of California system. Previously she was governor of Arizona, one the states hardest hit by home mortgage foreclosures and the Recession of 2008.

Prior to her election as Governor of Arizona, Napolitano served one term as Arizona Attorney General and four years as U.S. Attorney for the District of Arizona. [1]



Napolitano often proclaimed her commitment to public education, a safe homeland, a secure border, sensible economic development, affordable health care via ObamaCare, and a big government run efficiently and responsibly.


When Governor Napolitano took office in 2003, Arizona faced a billion-dollar deficit, the worst financial crisis in its history. She turned that deficit into a record billion-dollar surplus, without raising taxes, but she leaves with the state finances in even worse shape than when she began.

She tried to accelerate Arizona's prosperity through incentives for angel investment, tax relief for high-tech manufacturers who create jobs in the state, and by signing into law one of the largest business property tax relief measures in Arizona history. And she eased the tax burden on Arizona families through a $370 million income tax and property tax relief package.


She secured sweeping reforms and funding for Arizona's Nanny State Child Protective Services system and created a new grade level in school by offering voluntary full-day kindergarten to every child. She secured a historic $100 million teacher salary increase to keep Arizona's teacher unions in her camp.

She promoted Science Foundation Arizona to foster innovation, science and research, and partnered with business to support the expansion of Arizona's core sectors while growing and developing the state's bioscience and high-tech industries.


Governor Napolitano was a national leader in addressing illegal immigration. As U.S. Attorney, she supervised the prosecution of more than 6,000 illegal immigration cases. As state Attorney General she helped write the law to break up human smuggling rings. As Ex-Governor, she was the first to call for the National Guard at the border at federal expense, and today, more than 2,400 National Guard members from around the country are stationed at the border providing critical support to the Border Patrol. She's led the effort to redesign Arizona's ports of entry to better detect illegal cross border activity and has deployed new technology to track stolen vehicles that transport illegal immigrants and drugs on Arizona's highways.

Arizona implemented the first state homeland security strategy in the nation and developed the Arizona Counter-Terrorism Information Center, a 24/7 multi-agency intelligence fusion center that tracks and shares critical data used to keep our cities and our borders safe.

Health care

Responding aggressively to Arizona's health care needs, Ex-Governor Napolitano took great strides to expand access for all Arizonans. To address the critical shortage of doctors in Arizona, Ex-Governor Napolitano worked closely with the Universities to break ground on Phoenix's first medical school, although it is mored in controversy. She partnered with the private sector to create one of the nation's first free prescription drug discount cards, the Arizona CoppeRx Card, which has saved seniors more than $15 million to date.


A big government liberal Democrat Recently named chair of the National Governors Association by her peers. She is the past chair of the Western Governors’ Association.

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