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Modern Survivalism is a term coined by Jack Spirko Host of The Survival Podcast aka TSP. The basic concept of Modern Survivalism is that all human beings are inherently survivalists by nature in that they will take actions to preserve and protect their own lives. Such as moving out of the way of a truck that would hit them otherwise.

Modern Survivalism differs from the typical connections of survivalist ideology because it doesn't not avoid technology or modern convenience. It simply acknowledges that such things can and often will fail. Hence while a modern survivalist may be happy to use a GPS, he/she would also be aware of how to use a map and compass for traditional orienteering and navigation. Along with even more primitive technologies such as the Ottoman Sun Compass

Spirko first coined the phrase on his show in 2008 to differentiate his brand of preparedness and survivalism form the common view of the words survivalist and prepper.


Video Introduction

Tenets of Modern Survivalism

The philosophy is anchored by the tenets which are in summary...

"...if times get tough, or even if then don't"

  • Everything you do to "prepare" for emergencies, disasters or economic turmoil should be blended into your life in a way that improves your life even if nothing disastrous ever occurs. Your preps should improve your life "if times get tough, or even if then don't".

Debt is financial cancer

Growing your own food

  • Growing your own food is for everyone not just people that want "organic" fruit and vegetables. To produce your own food, even as little as 10% of what you use reduces your dependence on "the system". If nothing else gardening is good for your emotional and physical health and increases the value of any property. See Permaculture, PermaEthos and Permie Kids.

Tax is theft

  • Tax is theft, the best way to combat it is to understand every legal deduction you can take or create. In general I think "the system" is bad but when it comes to taxation either learn the system or hire a damn good accountant to work it for you. Every dollar you keep can be used to improve your self sufficiency, every dollar taken from you can be used to make your dependence on the government stronger.

Food and water storage

  • Food stored is an exceptional investment. Food is increasing in cost faster than just about any investment right now and certainly faster than the rate of inflation. You simply can't lose by storing additional food that you use on a regular basis.


Renewable energy

  • Renewable energy is great if you do it in a way that saves you money (short or long term) but your solar panels are not going to save the planet. Man made global warming is a scam designed to force the U.S. into a global taxation system. If you want to promote solar, wind energy, hydroelectric, etc. the best way is to develop it in a more cost effective manner. Fuel efficient vehicles are also great but the effective implementation of such vehicles requires that they be affordable, well built and incredibly engineered. The lesson is that the best way to promote "green energy" is via economics.

Owning land is true wealth

  • Owning land is true wealth. Individuals should strive to strive to own land in the country where taxes are low and restrictions are limited. Even if you live in the city finding, buying and improving land within 3-5 hours of your primary residence makes a lot of sense. If you can use it to get out of the city at some point so much the better.

Financial security

  • In addition to food, water and other common survival stores use common sense methods of hedging against "disaster". Pragmatic things like, cash emergency funds, good insurance and secondary income streams are not just for people in "the system". These types of protection can make you life a lot less miserable when something goes wrong. Make them part of your planning.

To learn more about establishing financial security, explore TSP episodes featuring John Pugliano, or check out his wealthsteading site or wealthsteading podcast on iTunes.

You are in control of your life

  • Your personal philosophy is more important to you than that of any other person. You are the master of your own life and if you don't agree with another individuals views, great, define, understand and implement your own. The biggest thing you can do is understand that you are in control of your life and that what you do matters. Those two factors have the greatest impact on individual survival across every demographic you can imagine.

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