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About the Author

"Fernando "FerFAL" Aguirre is a father, husband and survivalist that has lived through the Argentine socio-economic collapse of 2001, and the consequences such economic collapse and social collapse had in the years that followed. He's the author of numerous articles found on line and is recognized among the survival community and preparedness community for his personal experience and no-nonsense approach to survivalism. He's also the publisher and owner of "Surviving in Argentina", a blog he keep up with updated articles, posts as well as reports of the situation in Argentina." [1]

Ferfal TheModernSurvivalist

https://www.youtube.com/user/TheModernSurvivalist Fernando Aguirre: Was on The Survival Podcast Buenos Aires, Argentina http://themodernsurvivalist.com The Modern Survival Manual: Surviving the Economic Collapse by Fernando "Ferfal" Aguirre (Ferfal) 12,391 subscribers. 2,685,201 views. https://plus.google.com/103105570396103411031 https://twitter.com/Fer_FAL http://www.amazon.com/Modern-Survival-Manual-Surviving-Economic/dp/9870563457/ref= https://www.facebook.com/fernando.ferfal http://www.survivalblog.com/2008/04/home-invasion-robberies-in-arg.html

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Retreat Owner Profile: Mr & Mrs. "FerFAL" in Buenos Aires, Argentina

AGE: 28. Formerly living in Buenos Aires suburbs.

"BACKGROUND: Parents emigrated to Spain after 2001 crisis. Both grandparents emigrated to Argentina from Spain, escaping Franco civil war. Its is ironic that their children-grandchildren escape the country that once sheltered them, back to the country they ran away from but now, 50 years later, is one of the most powerful and prosperous countries in Europe. There’s a lesson there. Countries fall and rise, always have and one has to admit the possibility of leaving it looking for greener pastures.

INVESTMENTS: None. No money in bank accounts either. We only deposit money in our debit accounts just to take advantage of some discount, we deposit the money right before we use it, most of the time within the same week. We never leave money sitting in a bank account. After what happened, most people, including us, don’t trust banks with our money any more. It has become common for people to store cash in bank’s safety boxes, but even those are getting emptied due to some cases in which the private safes have been opened by government officials. (Against the constitutional right to privacy, and private property, of course.). We have credit cards but we don’t use those either, we only keep them for emergencies. We have a safe where we keep about 2,000 Pesos ($600 USD) and $1,000 USD just in case of an emergency, or someone getting kidnapped and needing ransom money fast (express kidnapping).

HOUSE: 1000 liter reservoir water tank. Metal bars/grating on windows/backyard door. 7 foot metal fence, topped w/foot long spikes. Pay for private security (kiosks w/guards on each corner). Polluted water, so we pay for contaminated water. We have water filter. Keep lots of flashlights, along with regular batteries and rechargeable ones.

VEHICLES: Streets are in awful conditions, and the constant roadblocks by “piqueteros” are rough on cars. Some kind of small 4x4 is obviously preferable to a sedan car. My car is set up with GNC, meaning it runs both on gas an natural compressed gas.

FIREARMS: Glock 31 357 sig. Ammo is expensive/hard to get. Back ups chambered for popular rounds, such as 1911, 357 mag revolver, Bersa Thunder 9mm, two 9mm Hi Powers. FM [FN clone] FAL carbine, and FMK3 9mm SMG. Mossberg 500 w/light. 500 rounds 308 & 7.62mm NATO, 1000 rounds 9mm +P JHP, 200 12 ga 00 buckshot.

Have been in a few “complicated” spots so far; being armed/alert made the difference in more than one occasion. The mere presence of my gun was enough to stop the threat, without need of ever shooting anyone.

Doesn’t make sense to plan on shooting hundreds of rounds and not getting fire in return, so I also have concealed level II body armor which for peace of mind - one of my most precious possessions.

FOOD STORAGE: 6 months of food/water.

MEDICAL: Lots of medicines. Big supply of hand/disinfectant soap/cleaning products to ensure hygiene. 3rd world countries are full of diseases due to general poverty -- prevention is important.

FUEL STORAGE: 30 liters in plastic cans, enough to get to airport or out of city. Not planning on leaving house during civil unrest, rather “hold the fort” until I can leave.

WORST CASE SCENARIO: Another Dec-2001 would be pretty bad, meaning anarchy, social unrest, looting mobs invading homes -- happened before. Worried about our government being friends with Chavez and Fidel, this county will end up socialist/communist if it continues to go in that direction.

MY SURVIVAL PLAN: Already made up our minds about leaving. This country will only go down hill in next few years, and censorship and lies about things being better is downright scary. Many years will have to go by, a lot of blood-bullets will be wasted before it's better. So we have two make sure we are safe for the next couple of years, until we leave. This means being extra cautious and vigilant, bordering the paranoid line, to keep us all safe.

CONCLUSION: Prepare as well as you possibly can without turning it into a compulsive thing. I prepare to survive and live a rich life, not the other way around. I don’t live just to worry about the sky falling. The sky has already fallen for me and we’re still here. Things are bad, pretty bad if you want to torment yourself and research further into the corruption and violence in this country. We simply accept the fact that this country has changed, and is now too dangerous, too corrupt, insecure and too primitive for the standard of life we look forward to, and we take the necessary measures, meaning we move out of it and start a life somewhere else." [2]

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