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Education is the process through which one learns useful skills or obtains knowledge. This includes the educational systems available to education our children as well as looking at what and how adults learn. The systems available for education our children include government run school system, home schooling, unschooling[1], and online education. When discussing adult education topics of interest include coyote teaching, the value or lack thereof of college, student loan as it relates to debt, and learning skills useful to survival.

"Educate and inform the whole mass of the people... They are the only sure reliance for the preservation of our liberty." -- Thomas Jefferson


Government Run Educational System

The United States government run school system is a Prussian model system that began in the late 1700s. Although several of the innovations and standards established in these systems can be considered positives the system also instills many negative affects on those forced to participate in it. These systems have been reluctant and slow to adapt to new technological breakthroughs.

These schools are some what good at developing the basic level of reading, writing, and math but do not do a particularly good job of teaching children to think for themselves. This system is almost very good at producing teacups and does not promote resiliency.


Self Directed Education

Alternative Educational Systems

The trends of homeschooling, unschooling, and using online educational resources have continued to change the paradigm around the state school systems and are a prime examples of an alternative systems of support replacing the main stream system. Many of these educational models allow children to decide what is important or interesting to them (an example of self directed learning) while mentors, teachers, and parents simply guide and challenge the learner to come to their own conclusions, complete specific projects, or challenge them to see things from a different perspective. The internet allows for access to a vast amount of raw information as well as forming learning communities not available with a physical location school.


PERMIE KIDSs is an online community of parents and educators empowering children to take a solutions-based, active approach to life by learning to care for people and the Earth (see Permaculture). Jen Mendez is the founder of PERMIE KIDs. Although the exact processes of the system are currently be developed you can learn more about PERMIE KIDs and join in the discussion and development at [1].

PERMIE KIDs is an acronym that stands for the key principles and characteristics it aims to cultivate in students.

Problem solver


List of online education resources

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