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Given the liability involved in using any of these techniques, medications, or devices, you should not rely on this wiki as a reliable source until such a time as it has been reviewed by medical experts. Reading information on the internet can never replace actual hands-on instruction and certification.

If you are a medical expert such as a physician, nurse, or a certified herbalist, please take some time to review this article and its related articles for accuracy. Then please list your medical certifications on the discussion page for this article.

Disease is a general term used to describe the poor physical, mental, or emotional health. A disease is an condition where the body does not function correctly.

Diseases are caused by the body being overwhelmed by toxic substances beyond its ability to eliminate them in a normal way. Toxic materials may accumulate from unexpelled body wastes that are generated as a part of metabolism or from external materials that are ingested and retained due to the body's inability to eliminate them. Disease also refers to bacterial and viral infections of the body.

The etymology of the word comes from the English dis-ease.

In the scientific arena, the term disease can be applied to any pathological condition presenting a set of signs and symptoms. In the scientific sense, a disease is not necessarily harmful.


Chronic Disease

Chronic diseases are ones that are long lasting, some are considered life long diseases. In cases such as these it is important to stockpile extra medications in the case of disruptions in the supply chain. It is important to note that if it is at all possible it is recommendable to treat chronic disease by lifestyle changes. In some cases it may be possible to eliminate or reduce the amount of medication needed. In general the medical system is designed in such a way as to promote medication as the best solution often over prescribing because of the profit incentives involved.

Epidemics & Pandemics

An epidemic is when a disease spreads rapidly through a population. A pandemic is a larger scale or more severe epidemic.

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