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Dirt bikes offer outstanding off-road capability, acceleration, handling, and fuel economy and the ability to go around most obstacles. Unfortunately you will enjoy these benefits with seating for one, perhaps two if you stretch it, and little more than a BOB on your back all while being particularly vulnerable to external threats.

Suzuki JR50.jpg

Motocrosser demonstrating the off-road prowess of a dirt bike


Accessories & Modifications

Disadvantages and Overcoming Them

Every vehicle has its own unique challenges, whether it lacks certain abilities, is more demanding of its operator, or has limits of capacity, all vehicles are imperfect. The following entries address overcoming these obstacles.

  • Capacity can be a problem for dirt bikes as they are lean machines, a few pieces of steel, some rubber, and an engine is about all there is. This makes them durable and efficient, but doesn't leave much room for gear. Fortunately there are some accessories such as trailers and panniers to increase cargo capacity.
  • Exposure to external threats such as the environment and hostiles, is one of the biggest problems with dirt bikes. Environmental threats such as weather or perhaps radiation, chemicals, etc... can be mitigated by proper clothing. The simplest, and perhaps best, way to deal with human threats is to avoid them. Dirt bikes have un-surpassed off-road capabilities and are small enough to allow you to go almost anywhere, which in turn allows you to drive around potential hostility.

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