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Avoiding Use of Credit Cards

Surviving without credit cards can be difficult (before the SHTF anyway). Here are some tips to avoid credit card use.


For in-person transactions, plan to pay with cash or check. For online transactions such as iTunes or Amazon, you may have to open an account using a credit card, but once that card expires you should be able to simply replenish your online account by redeeming gift cards. See below for details.

Specific Tips

iTunes Store

Supposedly you can't get an iTunes store account without offering up a valid credit card number. I have been able to buy from iTunes without a credit card for several years. I pay cash for iTunes Gift Cards and replenish my iTunes account balance periodically by using the "Redeem" feature in iTunes. It is NOT as convenient as being able to spend w/a credit card, but it has worked flawlessly for me since 2004.

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